Best answer: Do you need a guide to hike Table Mountain?

Can you hike up Table Mountain without a guide?

Can you hike Table Mountain without a guide? Absolutely, many people go hiking Table Mountain without a guide and Platteklip Gorge is the ideal route because you cannot get lost. There is only one point when you can go left or right, and there are clear signs which way will lead you to where.

Can you hike Table Mountain alone?

Don’t hike alone; four is the ideal number. Choose your route carefully and stick to it. Allow yourself enough time – start early. Inform someone of your route and what time you’re expected back.

Is it safe to walk up Table Mountain?

Table Mountain has many steep gorges and sheer cliff faces, which are dangerous to even the most experienced and well-equipped rock climbers. Only Nursery Ravine and Skeleton Gorge provide safe routes up and down the mountain behind Kirstenbosch. Please keep to the demarcated footpaths.

Do you pay to hike up Table Mountain?

It’s only about 3km, which sounds easy enough, but remember this is Table Mountain we’re talking about. You start your hike in the abundant Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden (you’ll need to pay the regular entry fee) and climb up the back of Table Mountain.

What is the cost to go up Table Mountain?

Ticket prices

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Ticket Type Time Return
Morning: Adults 8am – 1pm R380
Morning: Kids (4 – 17 years) 8am – 1pm R190
Afternoon: Adults 1pm – until close R300
Afternoon: Kids (4 – 17 years) 1pm – until close R150

Is Platteklip Gorge safe?

Hike Safety & Security

The Platteklip Gorge trail involves minimal narrow ledges and there are no treacherous sections. Despite the route’s benign terrain, it sees more rescues than any other Table Mountain hiking route, only because it sees far more hikers. Injuries typically occur on the descent, not the ascent.