Are there bears in Stone Mountain State Park?

Are there bears in Crowders Mountain?

Park Rangers have put out bait stations and cameras and as of today we have no verification of bears here at Crowders Mountain State Park. …

Can you swim at Stone Mountain Park?

Can I swim in the lake? No. Our greatest concern is for the safety of our guests. Because Stone Mountain Lake is a large, urban lake, it is subject to water quality issues, especially in the summer when high temperatures or heavy rain can drastically affect the water quality.

Do you have to wear a mask at Stone Mountain?

Following updated guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), fully vaccinated guests can now visit Stone Mountain Park without wearing a mask or physically distancing.

Are there bears in Linville NC?

Linville Gorge is black bear country, and improperly stored food greatly increases the chances of an undesired close encounter with a bear. Also make a noise while hiking, to make bears aware of your presence.

Is Crowders Mountain free?

Free. But please make sure you fill out the climbing permit either at the main park office, or the Linwood Road access kiosk. $5 for the first hour and $3 each additional hour, registration is at visitor’s center.

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Are there alligators in Stone Mountain Lake?

Range and Habitat

The northern range is limited by low winter temperatures. Alligators are rarely found south of the Rio Grande drainage.

Can you see Stone Mountain for free?

There is no entrance fee… it is a parking fee. If you bike or walk in, it is free to get into the park. 5 months ago. You can pay only the parking, go in and explore, climb the mountain and look around the park.

Can you carry a gun in Stone Mountain Park?

Stone Mountain Park visitors who are qualified to carry guns can now bring their weapons on their visits, according to a lawsuit settlement.

What can you do at Stone Mountain for free?

Hiking / Nature Trails

Exploring nature on the 15 miles of hiking trails is one of the best free things to do at Stone Mountain Park! If your family needs a little motivation to get out and exercise, the nature trails are one of the best free things to do at Stone Mountain Park!

What happens if it rains at Stone Mountain?

What if it rains on the date of my group’s visit? Stone Mountain Park operates rain or shine. Refunds will not be issued for inclement weather.

How much is the Skyride at Stone Mountain?

Individual tickets are $10 per person, round-trip, and $6 per person, one-way. Admission is included with the Adventure Pass.