Are skateboards supposed to be stiff?

How tight should your skateboard be?

The most suitable tightening scale for an average person should be between 5 to 7. This means trucks should be in the middle of tight and loose. It will simply allow you to bounce-jump the skateboard effortlessly as well as give you a stable landing on the board after flipping.

Why does my skateboard wobble when I go fast?

The first thing to know is that speed wobbles are entirely due to the actions of the rider. Your brain tries to keep you going straight when you hit small imperfections in the road and over corrects. You try to correct the over correction just to over correct again.

Why does my skateboard not go straight?

It may simply be a case of your kingpin being a bit too loose or not quite set straight, in this case you will either need to tighten it up, or straighten it up. It is also possible that some of the bolts may not be done up tight enough and the truck is twisting slightly.

Why does my skateboard turn to the right?

Your skateboard can turn to one direction because you always either turn back-side or front-side. This usually results in your bushings to be slightly crushed on one side. Try swapping your trucks around to even them out. It will take some time before they are even again but it should make some difference.

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