Village of Sturtevant-On the Move


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Sturtevant is a village of 6,970 and is a suburb of Racine, which we visited in 2015.  This community is right on the Amtrak train route which makes it easy to get to if traveling here that way.  The traffic is frequent as well, this video shows two trains within 5 minutes of each other.

Before we arrived in Sturtevant, we went to the community of Caledonia first. The reason for that was the original depot was moved there to Linwood Park, a historical building complex. Find it at 7430 5 Mile Road, Franksville, WI 53126. They are maintained by the Caledonia Historical Society.  Hopefully we can visit sometime when they are open.

Old Sturtevant Depot in Caledonia

The new Sturtevant Station is beautiful and incorporates some elements of this design, just larger. It was dedicated on August 1, 2006.

Sturtevant Depot img_2643

Sturtevant Station img_2637

The pedestrian overpass makes it easy to cross to the other side of the track to catch a train on the opposite side.  We were in town to see the Canada Pacific Holiday Train which was a lot of fun!


Other points of interest in Sturtevant, the historic Klinkert Hotel building, now privately owned.  A video about it was produced by Thom Peterson.


Across the street from the Klinkert is the Caboose Railroad Museum. On the site is a sign explaining the railroad’s role in more detail.


Caboose at museum in Sturtevant

Rail cars at Sturtevant

We enjoyed dinner at the Castlewood Restaurant next to this display, great food there! Open since July 2o, 1989, it is a mainstay here for a satisfying meal.


Even though our visit here was short, it was quite enjoyable with the holiday train’s visit as the centerpiece.


18th Annual Canadian Pacific Holiday Train


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This is the 18th year of the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train, an exciting fundraiser for area food banks along the route the train takes in the US and Canada.  It was only in Wisconsin for a couple of days and the timing of it’s stops are different each year.  We were lucky this year, we could go!

We chose the village of Sturtevant to see it.  This community is located just west of Racine and about 1 1/2 hours from Madison. After dinner we were directed into a parking lot in a shopping mall close to the depot.  The lot was filling up fast with an excited crowd waiting to see the train. Many people probably saw the train yearly.   This is the view from the lot.

Sturtevant Depot img_2613

Food and money were collected here at the Racine County Food Bank truck on site.


KTI Country radio station in Milwaukee was there to cover the event with a live broadcast.

KTI Country radio img_2687

We were well prepared for recording this event, Al recorded from the ground with our mini-video camera and I roamed the grounds with my new camera. I went up the stairs in the structure above the track to see it coming from above.

Sturtevant Station img_2637

I could soon see the headlight and hear the train horn. It was right on time, 5:25 PM!  The crowd cheered and whistled!

Canada Pacific Train arriving img_2674

It’s here!


Join in the fun! Enjoy our video! The train was at the station for 45 minutes and we enjoyed a 1/2 hour Christmas music show. Performers were Colin James and Kelly Prescott.

This event was incredibly fun and worth the journey to get there.  Thanks Canadian Pacific for bringing such joy and goodwill on the rails!

Sturtevant Depot img_2643



Seymour – Home of the Hamburger


Seymour-Home of the Hamburger sign

Downtown Seymour

Seymour is a city of almost 3,500 in Outgamie County, almost the smallest city in the country. It was incorporated in 1883.  Only 2 years later, the hamburger was born at the Seymour Fair.  Food vendor Charlie Nagreen flattened a meatball and placed it between two pieces of bread to make a sandwich easy to carry around.  The idea stuck and you can find them everywhere.

We made our way to Depot Street where the museums is located.  The Seymour Community Historical Society (1975) runs and maintains these museums and events held there.  The community celebrates their famous sandwich each August with Burger Fest, complete with a parade.

The museum grounds, an assortment of rail cars are also here.  Also many informative signs.

Seymour historic train depot

To the right of the depot.

1923 Seymour Rail Car at  museum

Across is the famous “Charlie Grill”, used to cook the world’s largest hamburger.

Charlie Grill in Seymour

Charlie Grill sign

To the left of the depot is a LARGE statue of Charlie, a great place for a selfie! We of course HAD to take one with a dramatic flourish!

Selfie with Hamburger Charlie Nagreen

Charlie sign

On the base of the statue are a series of plaques with Charlieisms.

Charlie statue plaques

The corner on Depot St. also has a Veteran’s Memorial.

Seymour Veteran's Memorial

That about sums up our visit here, we stayed for about 1/2 hour and had to continue our trip home.  We hope to come back someday for their Hamburger Fest.

Seymour Banner and Water Tower

Marinette – Expanding Horizons


Marinette Water tower

Marinette is a city just across the Menominee River and Menominee, Michigan.  It has a population of nearly 11,000.   We didn’t have much research for this city, we did know that there is a historic train depot here so we went to see that.  Very interesting!

Marinette Depot

Marinette Train depot

That’s all on Marinette that we have at this time.  This video can provide a little more information.