Newville-Gateway to Rock County

8-29-16 and previous visits

Newville is an unincorporated community of 5,461 located in both Fulton and Milton in Rock County.  It’s easy to get to, just off the I-90 exit.

I-90 in Newville

The first thing you see even before exiting is “The World’s Largest Culver’s“. It’s HUGE!


For old-timers like us, we remember when it wasn’t Culver’s, it was The Red Apple Restaurant.  The last time we ate there was in 2003. The owners wanted to retire and the restaurant was sold.  This is what The Red Apple looked like, I got some pictures of it then.


Red Apple Restaurant front 2003

On the right side.


The apple tower still stands though.




We remember how good their French Onion soup was, yum!


Back to the present, there are quite a few businesses here.  We recommend Newville Auto Salvage if you need vehicle parts. We needed a new tail light and they had exactly what we needed!


There are other eating establishments within walking distance from Culver’s.   Blue Gilly’s Pancake Pier is determined to serve everyone great food and they have a gluten-free menu for those allergic to it.  The owner is allergic to soy so her menu is free of soy also. Not many places like this! They are open from 6 AM-2 PM.


For the evening crowd, Emigail’s Roadhouse Bar and Grill is ready to serve you.  Cajun food is their specialty!


On the bank of the Rock River is the Anchor Inn, they also have a pier so you can get there by boat!



Great view of the water from here. A couple of jet skiers went under the bridge while I watched. Rosati’s Pizza Sports Pub is the low red building across the river.

Rock River from Newville

You can buy a new or used one or boat at the Rock River Marina and Motorsports.   Harbor Recreation is also nearby.


The Rock River Trail is also here.

Rock River Trail sign in Newville

Visit beautiful Newville!  We are glad we did!



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