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Peshtigo sign

Peshtigo Fire Museum info

Peshtigo Fire Museum

Inside Peshtigo Fire Museum

The Peshtigo Fire Museum is dedicated to the fire that very nearly destroyed the community in 1871. It was the same day as the Great Chicago fire but was greatly overlooked.  Admission is free but donations gratefully accepted.  It has become more known since then, and the museum has had visitors from all 50 states and other countries as well.

 Peshtigo even was featured in the TV show “Diggers“. The hosts Tim “Ringy” Saylor and “King” George Wyant managed to find artifacts from the fire, which have been few and far between. In the museum they have a monitor set up so you can watch the show there.   The artifacts found are available for viewing inside the museum in a nearby display case.

Digger found fire artifacts

In the back of the main display room is a large mural depicting the fire. It was completed 7-4-67 and the artist was Luanne Harff-Burchinal.

Peshtigo Fire mural

Peshtigo Mural artist

This is the view from the mural looking back toward the entrance.

Peshtigo Fire Museum back to front view

Doll and toy display.

Doll Display at Peshtigo Fire Museum

Kitchen display, complete with baby in high chair.

Kitchen display at Peshtigo Fire Museum

IKitchen other side at Peshtigo fire museum

A plate in a display case, commemoration the centennial of the fire in 1971.

Peshtigo Fire Centennial Plate

School Display at Peshtigo Fire Museum

Parlor display

Parlor Display at Peshtigo fire Museum

The kitchen display led to the next room, seemingly even larger. We were amazed at how many artifacts were here. We only took a quick view here since we also wanted to see the cemetery outside.

Peshtigo Fire Museum display room 2

Blacksmith display in the third display room

Blacksmith Display at Peshtigo Fire Museum

Display room 3 at Peshtigo Fire Museum

After 1 hour and 15 minutes of seeing the inside of the museum, we moved outdoors to pay our respects to the fire victims buried in the cemetery.  There is a historical marker here commemorating the fire.

Peshtigo Fire Museum Cemetery

Historical marker at Peshtigo Fire Museum

Peshtigo Fire Cemetery marker at Fire Museum

The mass grave, may they all rest in peace.

Mass Grave at Peshtigo Fire Museum

Mass Grave Plaque at Peshtigo Fire Museum

We are fortunate to have been able to come to this museum during our visit here.  We came away with a lot of knowledge of how a catastrophic event can change a community.  Like a Phoenix, they rebuilt and today is a thriving community of 3,500.

On our way back to Crivitz we came across a very old historical marker that we don’t think is well known. It is affixed to a large rock between two trees.  It is from 1939, dedicated to Andrew Eklund. He was Wisconsin’s first Highway Commissioner. Here is the location if you want to see it too.

Andrew Eklund Marker 1939 in PeshtigoAndrew Eklund Marker in Peshtigo location

Andrew Eklund Marker in Peshtigo WM IMG_3128

A very interesting and educational day.

Thanks for visiting Pestigo sign


Peshtigo water tower

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