Manistee – The Victorian Port City


Manistee The Victorian Port City sign

Manistee is a city of 6,226 and is the county seat of Manistee County.  We only a saw a little since we were just staying overnight here before going to Mackinaw City the next morning.  It’s 25 minutes from Ludington and is of course, another port city.  The sun was getting low since it was after 7:30 PM by this point. We did want to see the light house so we went to First Street Beach. Unfortunately, it was under wraps for some restoration work.

Manistee light house

There was still plenty to see here, this is a beautiful park and even has a walking path that we saw many people using this evening.

Manistee Riverwalk sign

There is also a beautiful marina here called Harbor Village and a Coast Guard station is located here as well.

First Street Beach marina marker

Manistee First Street Beach marina

Manistee Coast Guard Station

On display to the right of the buildings.

Coast Guard boat in Manistee

Also a Lions Club concession stand and pavilion, complete with lion.

Manistee Lions Pavillion

On the other side of the pavilion is a ship propeller and plaque.  It was from the S.S. Glen.  When I was walking around I saw Al looking at them, he appeared to be saluting. He actually was trying to block the setting sun while reading the plaque.

Al in silouhette in Manistee

Manistee Ship Propeller display

S.S. Glen plaque on rock in Manistee

We were getting hungry and asked some passing walkers what would be a good place for dinner.  Without hesitation they said T.J.’s Pub in the historic Ramsdell Inn downtown.  Now I see how it got it’s slogan, “Victorian Port City”.

Downtown Manistee


And here we are!  What a beautiful building at the heart of downtown!

Ramsdell Inn and T.J.'s Pub in Manistee

Ramsdell Inn corner view

T.J.'s Pub outside in Manistee

A few steps down and you are in!  We had a great dinner in a relaxing setting at the end of the day. This crystal decanter reflected the light in the room beautifully.  The french dip and chips hit the spot too.

T.J.'s Pub crystal decanter in Manistee

French Dip at T.J.'s

What a great dinner, it was time to go to our hotel, Microtel not not far from here.

Microtel in Manistee

On the way we saw the S.S. City of Milwaukee ship and Coast Guard Cutter.  Both retired ships  are museums now.

City of Milwaukee ship in Manistee

Our stay here was short but we are glad we came!

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