Somewhere in Time Movie Sites

6-21 and 22 – 2016

There was more than one reason I wanted to visit Mackinac Island.  I am also a big fan of the movie “Somewhere in Time”,  released in 1980.  We saw most of them, they are spread out a bit.   Let’s see what we were able to view. Enjoy this article too.  Matt’s Rad Show on YouTube has a very good video showing many of the movie site locations, I will show you additional ones too.

 Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel view from Arnold Ferry 6-21-16

Most of the movie scenes were shot here in many locations throughout the hotel.  This article describes the Grand Hotel’s annual “Somewhere in Time Weekend”, taking place October 27-30 in 2016. Jane Seymour comes to many of them to the delight of fans. There is also a display on the ground floor of the hotel.

Somewhere in Time Collage at Grand HotelSomewhere in Time Bowler HatPortrait of Elise at Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel Replica

Other sites within the hotel in the movie.

Grand Hotel outside info deskGrand Hotel Lobby

Grand Hotel dining room looking eastGrand Hotel view from our dining room table

This display was behind the check-in desk in the movie.

Somewhere in Time Movie behind Check in desk

The center stairs leading to the lawn where Richard saw Elise coming up to greet him.

Center stairs at Grand Hotel

Mission Point Resort Theatre

Since the Grand Hotel does not have a theater, the one here stood in.  We didn’t see it due to time constraints.

Mission Point Resort on Mackinac



Round Island Lighthouse

In the movie, Elise and Richard rowed out to the light house and walked towards it.

Round Island Light House

Round Island Light and rainbow

“Is it You” Trees

The scene where Richard and Elise first meet, now marked by a commemorative plaque with a picture of the scene so fans can re-create it too.  We did with great results!

Somewhere in Time Is it you movie site



We went up the stairs to the East Bluff.  The gazebo is just off of the Anne’s Tablet trail near Fort Mackinac.

Somewhere in Time GazeboSomewhere in Time Gazebo sign


Some of the businesses downtown were also visible.  We got a glimpse of The Orpheum Haunted Theatre.   It wasn’t entered in the movie, it was just in the background.

The Orpheum haunted Theatre on Mackinac

Baxter’s Coin Shop

This never was a coin store, it was changed into that for the movie. The current owners left the lettering on so fans could easily find it. It actually has island and Somewhere in Time souvenirs. Also the picture of Elise McKenna in a fancy frame.

Baxters Coin Shop on Mackinac

Elise McKenna portrait in Baxter's Coin Shop

Windmere Point

It was here in this park where Richard was looking at Round Island light house after returning to the present.  The waterfront was cleaner than this though 🙂

Windemere Point view-Ferry and RI Light house Somewhere in Time

Shepler's Ferry passingby Windmere Point


It was fun finding all these movie filming locations, brought the movie to life even more!


4 thoughts on “Somewhere in Time Movie Sites

  1. Hi there! Loved your youtube video of all the filming locations! I had the opportunity to go this year to the Somewhere in Time weekend and it was a magical experience. So many great people and I loved seeing everyone dressed up to the nines in their Edwardian attire.


    • Hi Jen,
      Thanks for your comment! You are so lucky to have gone to this. A little out of our price range unfortunately 😦 Thanks for sharing your video with me too, feels like I was there. We plan on going back to the Island next September to catch the movie sites we missed and other places there. We encourage you to follow our blog too 🙂 Happy Holidays!


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