23rd Annual Fort Koshkonong Rendezvous in Fort Atkinson

5-28-16 Memorial Day Weekend

Take a step back in time at the Fort Koshkonong Rendezvous.  It takes place every year at Rock River Park where the re-created fort is located.

Welcome to Fort Atkinson crop

Fort Koshkonong replica in Ft. Atkinson

On an elevated walkway you could see inside the whole stockade.

Inside stockade at Rendezvous

Inside the stockade were also horse-drawn hearses. Yes, they existed before the automobile.   The paper they gave us at the admission tent had a great article about them.

Hearses at Rendevous

Hearse article at Rendezvous


This is the map  and schedule of the event.

Rendezvous 2016 Schedule

This year the theme was “Heritage of Wood and Tools” and and other pioneer crafts were also represented.  Not only was the fort fully occupied, you could ride a horse-drawn wagon to an even larger encampment.

Rendezvous sign

Here is video we made of our experience at our first rendezvous.


Inside of the stockade we saw bullets and lead shot being made (video), wool on a spinning wheel turned into thread. Also a large log being turned into boards, a painstaking process. Also a “General Store” with old fashioned candy, sponsored by the Simple Life Country Store in Ft. Atkinson.

Rendezvous General Store

Pioneer Skills Collage at Rendevous

We also had the pleasure of meeting Daniel R. Vogt of Brain-Tan Buckskin. If you have a deer hide, he is your man to make it into a beautiful hide or leather for your use.

Daniel Vogt of Brain-Tan Buckskin

Across the way kids were building their own forts under the supervision of Organizer Joel Winn and another volunteer named Rod McNamee of Ten Pin Motors, LLC.

Building a fort at Rendezvous

He sawed some wood with Al too.

Al with Joel Winn and Rod McNamee at Rendezvous

Lets take a wagon ride to the encampment on the other side of the park!

Cevered wagon ride at Rendevous

We arrived about 10 minutes later to the other side. Between the sound of muskets and cannons firing, also fifes and drums, you really felt you were in the 1770’s to the 1880’s.  I could hear an Indian flute above all the din and went to see where it was coming from.  The beautiful flute playing was by John Allen (Ten Horses) of Wolf Creek Crafts, a Native American craftsman who makes these beautiful flutes. He also is a guest in school classrooms showing then to children and teaching them about Native American culture. He also had CD’s for sale of his music and I got one for $10.  Now I can enjoy it any time!

Wolf Creek Crafts by John Allen

Music in the Wind CD - John Allen

Now to see where the fifes and drums were coming from.  I see Revolutionary War soldiers at the shelter. They were getting ready to march to the other side of the encampment! Watch video to join in!  They had a CD for sale too for $15, but we didn’t get that.

Fifes and Drums at Rendevous

We enjoyed our trip back in time here and hope to return next year, we learned a lot and had a great deal of fun!

13 Colony flag at Rendezvous

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