Wild Rose-Village of Roses


Welcome to Wild Rose Sign

Wild Rose Service Organizations

Wild Rose is  a small Village of 725 in Waushara County.  We arrived a little early for the roses, but not too early to learn of the fascinating history of this community. Pick up traveler information any time in the little cabin on Main Street.

Waushara County Chamber of Commerce Info cabin

The population is higher in the summer since many people have cabins in the area and enjoy the peace and quiet here. It wasn’t always that way though.  In the late 19th and early 20th century, the atmosphere here was more like the Wild West. Residents are still talking about the famous “Bank Robbery of 1905”.  We didn’t know about this until we stopped and talked to the locals at this friendly BP gas station in town, Lauritzens Sports Shop is inside.

Lauritzens in Wild Rose

They told us of a grave site located behind a fence located just outside of Oak Hill Cemetery in a wooded area. The fence was open and we went in.

1905 Wild Rose Bank Robber grave Site location

Wild Rose 1905 Bank robber gravesite

Patsy Bank Robber Gravestone in Wild Rose

Location is here of AA on Sewer Lagoon Road.

Wild Rose Bank robber Gravesite location

I found out the Wild Rose Historical Society staged a re-enactment of the robbery in 1905 on the 100th Anniversary of the event in 2005.  A DVD was made and you can get it at Jamie’s Photo and Video in Waupaca. Order a copy for $15 here.

Wild Rose 1905 Bank Robbery DVD Jamie's Photo and Video

To learn more about Wild Rose’s history, stop at the Wild Rose Historical Society Museum. It consists of 8 buildings total.  The one behind the sign is the Elisha Stewart House.

Wild Rose Historical Society Museum sign

The Elisha Stewart House in Wild Rose

Wild Rose Museum Buildings

Pioneer Hall was formerly the Bank

Wild Rose as you can see has preserved it’s history quite well, down to the noon whistle on top of the Village Hall building.

Wild Rose Village Hall

The Old Mercantile building.  You can see where the dentist had his office in a room upstairs!

Wild Rose Mercantile Building

Studio 455 Photography.

Studio 455 Photography

There are many businesses downtown for shopping and dining. The Vintage Garden Café has has an antique store.  The property however is up for sale.

Viltage Garden Cafe in Wild Rose

Slugger’s Sports Bar is quite a draw during Packer and other games. Enjoy their Friday Night Fish fry.


Wild Rose is one of only two towns we have encountered with a vintage Pagoda-style gas station buildings. The only other one we have seen is in Cedarburg. This one is called the Pumphouse On the Mill and is now a restaurant. It was built in 1928.

Pumphouse on the Mill former Wadham's Gas Station 1928

The one in Cedarburg.

Cedarburg Pagoda Gas station building

When you enter town is Roseville, where you can play mini-golf, shop at their gift shop or get some ice cream.  We HAD to pose by the BIG strawberry ice cream cone.

Roseville in Wild Rose

There is also lodging downtown in Wild Rose. The Wild Rose Hotel Bar also has a restaurant, located on the banks of the millpond. Love the vintage sign by the entrance. It was also the site of the first original hotel in Wild Rose.

Wild Rose Hotel Bar

Bar Entrace sign at Wild Rose Hotel Bar

Across the street you can stay at Blader’s Dakota Inn.

Blader's Inn Wild Rose Hotel

We finished our visit with a stop at beautiful Springwater Volunteer Covered Bridge Park. The bridge was built by volunteers in 1997. The peaceful Pine River flows over the rocks, creating an idyllic scene any time of the year.  It is on Rustic Road 117.  Take a look!

Volunteer Covered Bridge in Wild Rose

Covered Bridge Park in Wild Rose

We learned a lot today in Wild Rose and enjoyed to peaceful scenery they wish all visitors and residents to enjoy.

Wild rose abandoned barn

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