Wautoma-Recreation in Every Direction


Waushara County logo

Wautoma sign

Shumway's Mill now Wautoma

Photo by Waushara County Historical Museum

Wautoma  is a community of 2,200  and is the county seat of Waushara County.   Most county seats have an impressive courthouse and this one did.

Waushara County Courthouse

Next door was the Waushara County Historical Museum.  They were not open that day, maybe next time.

Waushara County Historical Museum

We saw evidence of their slogan right away, their sign is located on the grounds of the Waushara Country Club, many golfers were out that morning.

Waushara Country Club golf in Wautoma

Wautoma also has a great resort and supper club  on the shores of Silver Lake called The Silvercryst.  They have served the Wautoma area since 1894, William Walker was the founder.  Read the history here. Greet their mascot Boris the steer as you pull into the parking lot. We ate there once in 2005, our last visit to the area. We hope to enjoy another meal there Labor Day 2016.

The Silvercryst Resort

Spectator sports are also popular, the community supports the Wautoma Hornets. The logo is even featured on their water tower.

Wautoma Water tower and hornet

Wautoma even has it’s own radio station, WAUH,  The Bug (VW).

WAUH Radio Station in Wautoma

This side of town also has a great ice cream place called Milty Wilty Drive-In. It goes back to 1947.

Milty Wilty in Wautoma

Also Piggly Wiggly, StoneRidge Meats and Kwik Trip.  Looks like Boris from Silvercryst has a brother up there! His name is Sir Sirloin. Back before StoneRidge opened in 2002, they held a contest to name their mascot and this name was the winner.

StoneRidge Meats Piggly Wiggly and Kwik Trip in Wautoma

Wautoma also has a historic downtown, this used to be the Mercantile building.

Wautoma Mercantile building

Quite a mix of businesses on Main St.  Kaydee Music Center sells instruments.  Here is some more about it in this short video.

Downtown Wautoma

This Spanish-style building really stands out, it’s Mueller and Mueller Accounting. A couple of doors down is Grimm’s Sport Bar and Grill.

Mueller and Mueller Accounting in Wautoma

Grimm's Sport Bar and Grill

Across the street near the dam is Joe’s Premium Pizza.

Joe's Premium Pizza in Wautoma

We noticed this tall structure and went around the corner for a closer look.  It turns out this used to be a hose tower to hang fire hoses to dry. Thanks StoneRidge Meats staff for helping me figure out this one too! It turns out Greendale has one too, forgot about that!  The design was different and all brick with some windows.

Old smokestack in Wautoma

Greendale hose tower.

Greendale Hose Tower

We also paid a visit to the Waushara WWII Veterans Memorial and read the marker describing early Wautoma.

Vets Memorial in Wautoma

Veteran's Memorial in Wautoma

Pioneer Wautoma Marker

And here is the dam as it looks presently.

Wautoma dam

On the other side of the dam across the street is Wautoma Wetlands Park.

Wautoma Wetlands Park

Wautoma Wetlands Park 2

Wautoma Wetlands Park plaque

We enjoyed our visit today, next time we hope to see the museum.


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