Mackenzie Environmental Center in Poynette

11-7-12 and 4-2-16

Mackenzie Center sign

Mackenzie Environmental Center in Poynette not only educates people of all ages, the place is just plain fun to visit!  It had been 4 years since our last visit so it was time for some updates.  The center includes wildlife rescues, trails and education classes. Also a game farm.  They always need volunteers, see their website, Friends of MacKenzie Environmental Center. Our most recent visit was to attend their Maple Syrup Festival, that was a lot of fun!

Let’s begin our tour of Mackenzie! Here is a map of the grounds.

Mackenzie DirectionsMackenzie Center Lodge and dorm sign


The Lodge

Mackenzie Center Lodge

Located on the south end of the complex, the lodge is where classes are held and where the commercial kitchen is.  We had a great pancake breakfast there at the Maple Syrup fest.  There is a large dining/presentation room that easily accomodated the many hungry people that came for breakfast.

Mackenzie Lodge inside

There are some exhibits in some of the other rooms in the lodge.  Also a cut from a very large tree that was cut down in 1961, it may have been storm damaged.

Old Tree 1854-1961

In the room are also snowshoes and cross-country skis for groups to use on a winter outing.

Mackenzie lodge classroom

Observation Tower

Fire Tower at MackenzieMackenzie Fire Tower sign 4249

The climb to the top was worth it, great view!  The direction you are facing is labeled inside of the top enclosure. Even though it was very windy, I felt safe.

Mackenzie view from tower

Next to the tower is a Smokey the Bear figure you can get a fun selfie with.

Smokey selfie at Mackenzie

Wildlife Area

Mackenzie Wildlife Exhibit entry

Wildlife Area sign at Mackenzie

The “zoo” part of the park, there are animals here that you would typically see throughout Wisconsin.  Many are animal rescues as well. The fire tower overlooks the Bison, or buffalo area. They are hard to see since they usually are not near the fence. An overview of the area. I will show you a few of the animals.  It’s great they also show the footprint of the animal so you can identify it in the wild.

Wildlife area at Mackenzie

Wolf at Mackenzie

Turkey Vulture at Mackenzie

Red Fox at Mackenzie

After visiting all the animals here, cross the street from the wildlife exhibit entrance to enjoy the Windbreak Walk. It looked pretty with snow on the tree branches and blue sky on our most recent visit.

Windbreak Walk sign 2

Windbreak Walk sign at Mackenzie

Windbreak Walk trees at Mackenzie

Windbreak Walk interior at Mackenzie

Right across from the Windbreak Walk is the Badger Den, or conference building.

Badger Den at Mackenzie

Lastly, we head down the hill to the little village where many outdoor education classes takes place.  This is the Nelson Cabin, inside is a logging museum with many old photos and displays.

Nelson Cabin at Mackenzie

Nelson Cabin plaque

The Nelsons

11-7 334

A Sawmill Diorama, very detailed!

Logging Diorama at Mackenzie

We see the other out buildings, the Wallen Sugar House. A display was inside, also a sign telling you how to make your own syrup!

Wallen Sugar House Sign

Wallen Sugar House at Mackenzie

Wallen Sugar House display at Mackenzie

Many trees are tapped here to collect sap, more information on this sign.

Sugar Bush sign at Mackenzie

The Syrup Finishing House

Syrup Finishing House at Mackenzie

Syrup Finishing House at Mackenzie

Behind these buildings is the sawmill building.

Sawmill building at Mackenzie

Mackenzie also has a Crab Apple Orchard, an important food source for the wildlife in this area.

Crab Orchard sign

We had two enjoyable visits here, give yourself several hours to see everything and have good walking shoes.  Be sure to donate at least $1 when you visit to keep this great facility open.  You can donate online as well.  We hope to be back for another one of their seasonal events later in the year.

Mackenzie Donation box

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