Michael Feldman’s Whad’Ya Know?


This live radio show is cancelled as of July of 2016 by WPR and not by Michael Feldman.  

6-8-16  A Kickstarter fund has been created to keep the show going via podcast form.  . Open through July 7.

7-8  The Kickstarter was successful. The program will come back in podcast form in the fall.

Monona Terrace from water

In February of 2016 that Madison’s long running live radio program  “Michael Feldman’s Whad’Ya Know?” was on the chopping block. I knew we had to get there in person and see it before it was gone forever.  I bought my tickets  ($10 each) two weeks earlier and they were sold out in 3 days!

The show has taken place at the Monona Terrace over 10 years. I took this picture of the set during my tour of the building in September 2010.  It looked almost identical  6 years later.

Whad Ya Know set 2010

We arrived at the Monona Terrace, the crowd was just entering the auditorium to pick their seats.  This sign was in the lobby.

What Ya Know sign

We quickly found seats in the middle, it was more than half full already.  Here is the stage before the show began, it has changed little in 6 years. Michael came out on stage to coach the audience and give us studio protocol.

Whad Ya Know set

A cute wagon on the stage under the town of the week map.

Set Decoration on Whad'Ya Know-

The show begins, he prompts us with “Whad’Ya Know?”  We respond with, “Not much, you?”  The music begins, with introductions of guests and show features. Co-host Stephanie on the right side of the stage read these acknowledgements.

Stephanie Co host on Whad'Ya Know

 The show begins with the”All The News That Isn’t” segment, the week’s news with a humorous twist.  The segment closed with the story of the new Bucks Stadium proposed design, he said Guinness called it the world’s largest pastrami on pumpernickel (podcast-10:50).

Buck Stadium design picture

The show continues with a phoned-in interview with author Bill Bryson discussing his new book, “The Road to Little Dribbling”.  It sounded like a funny book, need to give it a read!

Bill Bryson-A Little Dribbling

Another feature of the show is the Whad’Ya Know” Quiz. Michael pits someone from the audience with a caller to the show to answer three trivia questions, the players pick the categories.   They do this in both the first and 2nd hour of the show.

Whad'Ya Know- Quiz players

Before the beginning of the show, audience members also have the opportunity to submit questions to Michael. During the 2nd hour, he left the stage and circulated through the audience to answer their questions. He also picked people at random to talk to.  We must have picked good seats because he came over and talked to Al! Listen to Al discuss fishing with Michael on the podcast 1:29.41 to 1:30.33.

A Very Nice Pic

Al Talking to Michael Feldman


Closing out the program is the “Town of the Week” segment. The week before a dart is thrown at a cut-up US map and where it lands will be the town discussed the next week. They also call someone who lives there to get a local take on their own. This week the town was Edenton, North Carolina.

Town of the Week Map 3832

A very interesting and historic community.  After the segment Michael chose a boy named John, age 10 from the audience to throw the dart to determine the next town of the week (1:20). Turns out he has lived in North Carolina, though not Edenton. The new town turned out to be  Pine City, Missouri.

The show concludes with a happy audience and memories created, especially since Al finally got to use his broadcasting degree on the radio.  Listen to the whole podcast here. We are very glad we made it to the show today.


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