The 2nd Annual Tree Lighting at the Edgewater Hotel


The Edgewater 2015

With the rebuilding of the Edgewater Hotel came new traditions for people to celebrate the seasons here. In 2014 the Edgewater re-opened after an extensive 2-year expansion and remodeling.   This year we were able to attend their 2nd Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony and festivities beforehand.  No ice skating since we had two days of warm rain that week and the ice all melted. Here is that day’s schedule.

Edgewater Tree Lighting Day Schedule

Upon our arrival just before 5:00 PM we saw the conclusion of the mini-concert on the winding staircase. Let’s listen in!

Stairway Choir at Edgewater 7993

Part 2 of the concert took place in the adjoining Ballroom, made to look like Santa’s Village. There were now hand bells joining the chorus. They played a lot of great music for 1/2 hour.

Santa Village at Edgewater

Carol of the Bells

Handbell and Choir

The concert was fantastic! It was now time to head outside to await Santa and Mrs. Claus to arrive and light the trees outside.  It was cold and windy that night.  The outside of the hotel was festive with lighted garlands and LIGHTED ice sculptures to make it a wonderland!

Christmas at Edgewater

The crowd has swelled to fill the Plaza, Christmas music fills the air. The three trees sit dark, waiting for Santa and Mrs. Claus to arrive.

Crowd waits for Santa at Edgewater

We hear jingle bells, they have arrived in a horse and carriage! They were moving fast toward the trees, posing with some of the children along the way.

Clauses Arrival at Edgewater

The moment we anticipated all day was here, lets watch!

Edgewater Christmas Trees

NOW we can begin the Christmas Season in earnest.  Just as swiftly, the Clauses departed in their carriage and waved goodbye to the crowd. No doubt they were needed to light more trees elsewhere.

Clauses Departure from Edgwwater

At this point bagpipers came in to close out the ceremony. The crowd was dispersing at this point, it was cold!  We concluded out visit with dinner at their Boathouse restaurant, fish fry basket was delicious!

The Boathouse sign lit summer

Fish Fry at Boathouse at Edgewater

Ken Wheaton and Mike McCloskey were playing some great music while we ate dinner. We heard Ken before, especially last year at Spring Green’s Beatlefest.

Ken Wheaton and Mike McClosky at Edgewater

It was a wonderful evening here, we hope to come back again for their 3rd tree lighting in 2016!

Edgewater in November

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