2015-Madison’s Holiday Fantasy in Lights

11-14-15   Opening Night

27th Anniversary

27th Year Banner

After two years, we have returned to the ever-popular Holiday Fantasy in Lights.   The displays are never set up the same each year, and I notices ones I saw in the past were not there this time. See the 2013 Holiday Fantasy in Lights here.  The electricians have regrouped under a new name, “The Electric Group” and changed their opening display accordingly.

Holiday Fantasy in Lights Sign 800

The event also has a low-power radio station on 1610 AM playing Christmas music and info about the displays and sponsors.  I found you could hear the station from almost 10 miles away under the right conditions.

Tonight was the opening night and Madison Parks was sponsoring hayrides for visitors. There were two wagons constantly traversing the park, a popular attraction this weekend only!

Hayrides Opening Weekend at Lights

It was a warm evening of 48°F, so the walk through the park was comfortable. Lets go see the displays, some of them new this year in our new video with the radio station’s soundtrack.  It is almost 15 minutes.

To learn more about the history of the lights, see the 2013 version.

That was fun!  The Memory Tree blinks and flashes to a definite rhythm.  Tune into 88.1 FM to hear what song the tree is in synch with. It changes every week. This week its “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree” by Brenda Lee.  people can sponsor a bulb to remember a loved one who has passed on before the holidays. Fill out form here.

51 - Memory Tree

Memory Tree Sign 2015

Companies are not the only ones allowed to sponsor a display, you can too!

Sponsor a display sign


The Polar Bear and Rocking Horse are among the oldest displays, going back to the beginning.

36 - 25 Year-Old Rocking Horse

Polar Bear

As you reach the end of the tour, you reach the donation booths. Donations not required but are gratefully accepted. Put your donation in the red box and the friendly volunteer at the booth will hand you a candy cane and thank you for coming.

Candy cane sign at Lights

04 Thank You for Coming to Fantasy in Lights

Donation box at Lights

Light Booth Volunteers with Candy Canes

Happy Holidays!  See you next year!

And to All a Good Night

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