GLEAM – Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison

9-23 and 24 – 2015


Gleam logo at Olbrich

Photo by Olbrich Botanical Gardens


This is the first time for this event, a new fundraiser for the gardens also.  This was a rare time the gardens were open at NIGHT. Along a marked route are a series of lighted art displays, some with spotlights on them and some lit internally.  Beautiful! Here is the map of the tour.


This is the first sculpture we saw, hanging from the tree above us.

Lights in Tree at Olbrich

Atop the archway entering the gardens was a big dragonfly that cycled through three color combinations. It was called “Alighting”

A Dragonfly Collage

 Enjoy the rest of the exhibits as we follow the path…

This was the first time for this event and hopefully not the last!  We also decided to join Olbrich during our visit the next day as the GLEAM guide booklet had a $20 off a yearly membership.  You also get free admission and discounts to other gardens all across the country.  Enjoy GLEAM before it ends on October 30, 2015.

Thai Pavilion and Voices

Olbrich has fun events the whole year around, as well as classes. We enjoyed going to their Blooming Butterflies event in July and the Holiday Express during the Christmas season.

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