Historic Pickwick Mill – Pickwick, Minnesota


We discovered Pickwick Mill by accident since we had to go to the Minnesota side of the Great River Road earlier than expected.  We are glad since we like mills.

Pickwick Historic Mill sign

It took a few minutes to find it, it was tucked WAY back and out of sight until you reached a curve in the road. What a breathtaking sight! It’s a 6-story high stone mill and played an important part in American history. It even provided flour for Union troops in the Civil War! Here is an old-fashioned look at the mill.


Pickwick Mill sepia frame text

We arrived at 9:20 AM, but one of the docents happened to be out and about saw us and opened the mill early!  Thank you!  There is a small admission charge.

Pickwick Mill admission

A majestic building with a working 20 ft. circumference water wheel has been restored and was turned on for our visit. Before we took our self-guided tour, we were shown a 21-minute video of the mill and how it works. You can see the video here.

There was much to see here and we spent two hours exploring.  I also found a blueprint similar to the mill, though just 4 levels.

Mill Blueprint

We were also given an info sheet about the mill describing it’s proud history.

Pickwick Mill 1

Pickwick Mill 2 history

The lowest floor is gravel-covered and expansive.  The bottom of the grain elevator is here.

Lowest floor of Pickwick Mill

There also was a hand-operated Post Drill, no electricity needed!

Post drill at Pickwick Mill

On the main floor (3rd) are many interesting things. The view upon entering the building.

Main floor of Pickwick Mill

A French Millstone that may be 500+  years old, found under a thick layer of dirt perfectly preserved.

French Millstone

More equipment on the main floor.

Main floor machinery at Pickwick Mill

And the waterwheel.

Pickwick Mill water wheel

See it in action!

Housing for the millstones called “furniture”.

Millstone furniture

On the 4th floor just above us.

4th floor of Pickwick Mill

Mill part at Pickwick

A Wheat Separator

Wheat Separator at Pickwick

The view of the millpond out the window was pretty too.

Pickwick Millpond

An aerial view of the mill and pond.

Aerial View of Pickwick Mill and pond

We concluded our visit by viewing the dam on the small trail just outside of the mill.  Beautiful scenery!

Pickwick Mill dam

If you get the chance to stop here, take it. You will have a great time! Work is ongoing on further restorations at donations are always welcome.

Al and Laurie  and docent frame

Pickwick Mill info card

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