Wisconsin Lighthouses – Guardians of the Great Lakes and Beyond

2006 – Present



Since 2006, we have been visiting communities along the Lake Michigan coast of Wisconsin in a quest to see all the light houses. It took 9 years to see them all between Kenosha and Algoma, the southernmost community in Door County.

We both share a maritime heritage, as my husband is a Navy veteran, as well as his father Alvin T. Kutil and father’s brother Robert. They grew up in Manitowoc, where many ships were built that served in WW II. One of my great-grandfather’s was also a Navy vet about 100 years ago.

We will begin with Kenosha and work our way north.

Kenosha 12-1-12

There are two light stations here. The red Kenosha North Pierhead Light and the Old Southport Lighthouse.

Kenosha North LightSouthport lighthouse in Kenosha

Kenosha Southport Lighthouse Marker


Racine  4-19-15 

Racine has 5 light stations protecting its harbors, including one at its Coast Guard station.

Racine Harbor Light Station

These 4 are scattered along the coast, you can hear the Racine Reef light station, it’s horn emits a mournful sound every 15 seconds that you can hear all over Racine.

Racine Lighthouses


Hear the Racine Reef Light station.

Racine Reef Lighthouse Info

Windpoint is the northernmost of the Racine light stations, it has a museum open in the summer months. Please put a donation in the box when you visit!


Milwaukee 12-15-12

Breakwater Lighthouse

Milwaukee Sentinel in the Mist 12-15-12

Pierhead Light

12-15-12 A Milwaukee Light House

Northpoint Light Station

12-15-12 Milwaukee Northport Lighthouse


Port Washington  4-5-14

Breakwater Light

4-5-14 Port Washington -Breakwall Light House

Old Port Washington Light Station

Old Port Washington Light Station 4-5-14


Sheboygan 8-20-06

Breakwater Light House, this was our first one. Also the only one in Sheboygan.

Sheboygan 8-20-06


Manitowoc – Many visits there.

North Breakwater Lighthouse

Manitowoc North Breakwater Lighthouse 8-29-12

Manitowoc and Two Rivers often treat themselves like a twin city, so I will add Two River’s two lighthouses here.

North Pierhead 6-30-12

Located at Roger’s Street Fishing Village.

6-30-12 Two Rivers Rogers Street

Here it is as seen from across.

Rogers Street Fishing Village in Two Rivers

Rawley Point Lighthouse 6-30-12

5 miles north of downtown Two Rivers.

Two Rivers Rawley Point 6-30-12

Rawley Point Lighthouse marker


Kewaunee  9-3-15

Pierhead Lighthouse

9-3-15 Kewaunee Light House WM Al

Photo by Al Kutil


The northernmost one we have seen along Lake Michigan’s shore is in Algoma, considered to be the gateway of Door County. The little red lighthouse is the town’s trademark.

Algoma LakeshoreAlgoma banner 8-29 1324


Lake Winnebago is large enough to have four light stations. To date we have seen one of them. We were able to climb to the top and had a great view of the Marina below.

Fon du Lac Lighthouse  8-29-12

8-29-12 Fon du Lac

Fon du Lac Lighthouse plaqueFon du Lac Lighthouse view of Marina 8-29-12

This is our lighthouse list to date, we hope to see more soon! Learn more about Wisconsin lighthouses in the links below.

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Lighthouse Tour – Door County Trolley, Inc.

Door County Lighthouse Tours

Book – Wisconsin Lighthouses: A Photographic and Historical and Historical Guide

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