Westfield-Where the Pioneer Spirit Lives On!

8-12-15 and 4-30-16

Westfield sign

After our visit to Montello we went to Westfield to see the Marquette County History Museum on 125 Lawrence Street. It was a Wednesday and they were open. It is the former Cochrane-Nelson House, it has been a museum since 1979. There are several other buildings on the grounds. The Riverside School building, Henry Ellis Memorial Railroad Exhibit Building, and the Kerst Exhibit Building.


Marquette History Museum buildings

Also a beautiful yard with a gazebo and picnic tables.

Gazebo and Yard at Westfield Museum

We went in the house first, the tour was self-guided. The exhibits downstairs on the main floor.  Some information in the entryway.

Westfield Museum admission and house history

A picture of he founder of Westfield.


T. Henry Cochrane in a group photo with his business in Westfield.

T.H. Cochrane Co. photo

A view of the parlor and dining room, viewpoint is from wall right of entry looking left.


Looking toward the player piano from the entry.

Westfield Museum parlor

The Nelsons lived there from 1906-1979, before becoming the property of the Marquette County Historical Society.

Nelson family at Cochrane House 1906-1979

The dining room, table elegantly set. The Nelsons always enjoyed Sunday Dinner together here.

Sunday Dinner at Nelsons Westfield Museum

Westfield Museum Dining Room

The China cabinet in the dining room.


The next room is the kitchen, love the rooster wallpaper!


Rooster Wallpaper at Westfield Museum

An early microwave oven from the 1970’s.


This concludes the tour of this building, by this time another person from the volunteer staff had arrived and he pointed out that is is the original doorknob on the door.


The house is not the only building on the grounds. There is the Riverside School building as well, another docent who showed us around rang the bell for us.  it was one of the earliest school buildings in the county and the oldest that is still standing.

Let’s go inside. So realistic, complete with a dunce cap in the corner for the misbehaving student.



Next building is the ….IMG_9454

Henry Ellis Memorial Railroad Building in Westfield

The railroad was very important to commerce in the 19th and early 20th centuries and here you will find artifacts from this era. This was a Tool House building you would find in a train yard.

Railroad Tool House history


 The Kerst Exhibit Building was the last one we toured,  and the largest one at the museum.  It seems they have a strawberry social in June, maybe we can come to that next year!

Kerst Exhibit Building in Westfield

Red Rock Cola used to made in Westfield.


Also a dairy.

Westfield Dairy exhibit

One of the big industries in Westfield is Brakebush, specializing in chicken products. They have a display, complete with a chicken costume.

Brakebush Chicken display in Westfield

Thanks for the great tour!  We saw a few other things in Westfield while we were there.  Right of the Highway 39 exit is the Pioneer Restaurant, cute sign.  We didn’t eat there yet buy it sounds good.

Pioneer Restaurant sign

Also a visitors information center that looks like a log cabin, inside are brochures and booklets for activities and lodging in the area. Also a sign advertising the town’s festivals.

Westfield visitor information

Westfield Festivals

Every June during Dairylicious Days the museum has a Strawberry Sociable to get the community together over strawberry sundaes and good conversation.

Strawberry Sociable 6-11-16

Here is a view of downtown.


The millpond and dam which generates power for the community, Pioneer Power and Light.

Pioneer Power and Light Millpond and Dam in Westfield

Their Vet’s Memorial in a beautiful park with gazebo and running water, possibly from a spring.


Vet's Memorial in Westfield

A mural is also visible there.

Mural in Westfield


We had a great visit here and hope to come back soon to Westfield, “Where the Pioneer Spirit Lives On!”

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