Dalton – Amish Country Shopping

8-22-15 and 10-11-16


and other visits

Enjoy a drive through Amish Country in October!

Barry Rd in Dalton

Dalton is located just north of  Pardeeville and Portage and in the heart of Wisconsin’s Amish country in southern Wisconsin.  It is about 45 minutes north of Madison. There are several Amish stores in Dalton and I will tell you about the two we frequent, both for groceries at a deep discount.

Our first visit is usually at Mast’s Bent and Dent, known to the locals as Lizzie’s.  The address is W2086 Barry Road, Dalton, WI 53926. There they sell outdated (but still good) groceries, bent cans and boxes.  Going there is a fun treasure hunt!  Remember, there is no phone number to call for either store. As they use no electricity, the ceiling has many skylights but is still dim by “English” standards.  Bring a light if needed. Only cash or check for payment.



Hours open.
Mast's Bent and Dent hours in Dalton

Inside the store, you will find name brand food for far less cost. It was very crowded when we were there with non-Amish. We stocked up well, we may not be back until late winter. We usually come 2-3 times a year.

Check out and aisle at Dalton's

Our next stop often is Mischler’s Country Store. It’s located on W5115 Barry Road, Dalton, WI 53926.   This store doesn’t have bent and dent, they specialize in bulk goods.  They also have some Amish cookbooks and  kitchen equipment like spatulas, bowls, etc.

Mischler's Country Store

Mischer's Country Store hours

A look inside the store. That’s a skylight too, brand new and bright.


Mishler's Country Store Aisle 2

Mischler's Country store check out

We returned on 3-4-17 and visited a new place, Pleasant View Bakery.  It is located on N9543 Kiefer Road. Dalton, WI 53926

It looks like a plain white house on the outside, you take the sidewalk down to the door on the lower level.

The view inside clean and the baked goods looked delicious!  We spent over $15 here, we couldn’t help ourselves! We vowed to  come up here more often.

If you need a metal building or enclosure, D & L Metal Supply may have what you need.

D L Metal Supply

W6012 Cty Road Hh
Dalton, WI 53926



It’s just down the road from an Amish school.


For more info on the many other stores in the Dalton area, here is a map we got at Mischler’s.  Click on map to enlarge.


We have a great shopping trip every time we come to this area and got months of staple items we use regularly.  Give it a try!


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