George W. Brown, Jr. Ojibwe Museum and Cultural Center in Lac du Flambeau


George W. Brown Jr. Chippewa Museum and Cultural Center in Lac du Flambeau

During our visit to Lac du Flambeau we had a chance to visit  the Ojibwe Museum and Cultural Center downtown.

Ojibwe Museum Hours Collage 2

Nov-Feb,   Tue-Thur 10am-2pm

This was a great chance to further our education on the Ojibwe culture and see how they lived. Photography is allowed without flash. Lets go in!

Ojibwe Museum Doors

Upon walking through the doors we heard the sound of Indian flutes and wildlife sounds. It turned out to be the music of Marina Raye. The album they were playing as background was called Nature’s Enchantment, we got a copy to bring home from their gift shop. Here is a sample of her music.

A brief history of the Ojibwe in the Lac du Flambeau region.

In the center of the round museum is a 4-season Diorama depicting how and what the Ojibwe do to gather food and other crafts and traditions practiced.

Spring Dioroma

Summer diorama text

Fall Diorama text

Winter Diorama text

They even had cut outs to take your picture with.

AL and Laurie Indian cut outs

A bead exhibit, on both clothing and a loom.

Where did the beads come from

Bead history

Beadwork display

Red Moccasins



The Fur Trader Exhibit

Fur Trader Exhibit

Fur Trading Post display

Fur Trade History

Inside the trading post.

Inside Trading Post


Totem Poles

Totem Poles Collage



A wood face box

Wood Face Box

Birch Bark Shelter

Birchbark Shelter

World Record Sturgeon caught.

World Record Sturgeon

Dugout and Birchbark Canoes

Birch Bark and Dugout Canoe

And one of the most important activity using one of these canoes, harvesting wild rice in the late summer/early autumn. Learn more about this in the Fall diorama. Click to enlarge picture.

Fall Wild Rice Harvest

Here is how it is done in the traditional way.

We concluded our visit here with a stop in the gift shop. We got the cd of the music we heard during our visit, as well as maple syrup and maple sugar.

Gift shop at Ojibwe MuseumGift Shop purchases

 Your purchase here benefits the museum. An extra donation is also welcome.  Thanks for stopping by!

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