Lac du Flambeau – Refresh Your Spirit

7-8-15      Day 3 of Trip


We finally arrived at 7:30 AM! We left Rhinelander about 6 AM but made stops in Lake Tomahawk and Woodruff along the way. This was the northern-most point of our journey before heading toward home around 12:00.

Lac du Flambeau is a very old Ojibwe Indian community settled around 1745, and maybe much longer.  It is designated as an Indian Reservation as well.  Here is a brochure of the community. Here is their history in the beautiful Northwoods.

Lac du Flambeau  Collage

Personal anecdote

Coming here had special meaning to us because Al came here in August 1997, a month after we met. He was at the Lake of the Torches Casino with his brother at a conference. We only met a few weeks earlier and at first neither one of us expected to miss each other as much as we did. This was before there were smartphones and easy internet access away from the desktop computer at home. Al called me one night from the hotel and said he was looking out on Lake Pokegama outside his room window, and saying how much he missed me and wish I were there at the lake with him, seeing this view.  Fast forward to 7-8-15. We are finally here together, seeing this view, as husband and wife 18 years later ♥

Lake of the Torches Resortview and us

This is the music of Marina Raye, an artist specializing in the Native American flute music. This is called “Gift of Peace”. We heard music from this artist in the background while we visited the George W. Brown, Jr. Chippewa Museum and Cultural Center.  More on our visit there in the next post  🙂

George W. Brown Jr. Chippewa Museum and Cultural Center in Lac du Flambeau


We first went to see the Lac du Flambeau historic marker, with the beautiful lake itself behind the sign.

Lac du Flambeau historic marker

A peaceful scene, three fishermen in their boat with a dome in the background.

Lac du Flambeau fishermen

It’s the Aquaponics/Geodome at the Lac du Flambeau Natural Resource Department grounds. Open link and see page 42.

Lac du flambeau Tribal Natural Resource Department

We then had breakfast at the Lake of the Torches Resort & Casino, where Al was 18 years earlier. In front is a beautiful wood carving, depicting the 7 Clans. Also a sign describing them.

Lake of the Torches Resort Casino

Lake of the Torches front

Seven Clans Sign at Lac du Flambeau

We enjoyed the delicious breakfast buffet at the Eagles Nest Restaurant.  We also got introduced to the Wild Rice pancake, made to order by a chef at the cooking station. Yum!  I made them at home after we got back.

The Eagle's Nest Restaurant at Lake of the Torches torch

It is very interesting seeing how wild rice is harvested. This is a historical clip from Canada.

After breakfast we took a tour, Al showed me what he saw when he was there in 1997.  The building was quite new then and can have more guests now. The casino itself.Lake of the Torches Casino

The Convention Center where the conference was held.

Convention Center at Lake of the Torches

Wading pool and hot tub area.

Pool and hot tub at Lake of the Torches

A living room area with doors leading to a courtyard with a view of the lake. There was a stained glass decoration in the window and a wood carving in the living room too. The spot where we took our photo.

Lake of the Torches Living Room and Courtyard

Native American Art at Lake of the Torches

We saw a family of Common Merganser ducks in the water near the pier. I never saw those before!

Common Merganser Ducks at Lac du Flambeau

After our tour we headed downtown to look around. On the lamp poles are torches, probably lit at night.

Downtown Lac du Flambeau

Lamp Pole in Lac du Flambeau

The Ojibwe Market grocery store.

Lac du Flambeau Ojibwe Market

The Adaawe Place Shopping Center

Includes Woodland Indian Art Center, Lac Courte Orielles Ojibwe Community College, Lac du Flambeau Tribal Smoke Shop.

Adaawe Place Shopping Center in Lac du Flambeau

Watash Fireworks, Inc.

Watashi Fireworks in Lac du Flambeau

Veterans Memorial


An outdoor ampi-theater for performances and tribal functions.

Performance area at Lac du Flambeau

Bluewater’s Bay Supper Club, which opened in 2011.

Bluewaters Bay in Lac du Flambeau

Chain Three Beads and Gifts

Chain Three Beads and Gifts in Lac du Flambeau

The Flame Restaurant and Lounge

The Flame Restaurant and Lounge in Lac du Flambeau

Our visit to Lac du Flambeau has been wonderful and we hope to return for a longer stay next time.

Hawk's Nest in Lac du Flambeau

Leaving Lac du Flambeau sign torches

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