Woodruff – Home of the World’s Largest Penny and Dr. Kate Newcomb


Woodruff-Largest Penny Banner

Downtown Woodruff

Woodruff is a town of 2,055 in Oneida County. We had even less time here than in LakeTomahawk but it was well worth the stop. Tripadvisor has more info from people who spent more time here. This was home to the famous Dr. Kate Newcomb, who almost singlehandedly raised money to build a hospital to serve Northern Wisconsin with the Million Penny Parade. Its the Lakeland Memorial Hospital, now the Howard Young Medical Center.

We found the penny, turn left at the light, going past The Hawke’s Nest, it will soon be on your right.

The Hawke's Nest in Woodruff

The penny and flagpole next to it.

Penny and flagpole in Woodruff

The marker on the flagpole base. Dedicated to Ruth Schoen.

Ruth Schoen flagpole plaque in Woodruff

A close up of the penny, the sun wasn’t too high yet.

World's Largest Penny in Woodruff

And the marker on site.

The Million Penny Parade marker in Woodruff

Then we saw the Dr. Kate Museum on the outside, it was too early for it to be open. Perhaps on our next visit.

Dr. Kate Museum in Woodruff

Short visit but well worth it.

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