Amherst and Amherst Junction

7-6-15     Portage County

Amherst and neighboring Amherst Junction was settled around 1852, most settlers Yankees and English-speaking Canadians. It may have been named after the hometown of one of the settlers from Amherst, Nova Scotia.

We first stopped in Amherst Junction. The historic State Bank Building.

Downtown Amherst Junction WM

Amherst Junction State Bank Building WM

A couple of businesses, Carbo’s Junction Bar and Lake Emily Inn.

Carbo's Junction Bar and Lake Emily Inn in Amherst Junction WM

The first thing we noticed were two railroad tracks, upper and lower. A sign nearby explains the history of that.  Only freight trains use these tracks now.

Amherst Junction Dual Tracks WM

Amherst Junction Dual Level Tracks WM

The sign is on the Tomorrow River State Trail.

Tomorrow River State Trail Collage WM

We then went went to the nearby village of Amherst to see the dam and bridge.

Amherst sign and watertowerAmherst banner

Amherst Downtown

Amherst Dam WM

The bridge and even a sign describing its history.

Mill Street Bridge in Amherst WM

Mill Street Bridge History in Amherst

Sometimes vehicle trouble can happen on the road, we were hearing a loud scraping sound when the brakes were applied. We discovered Amherst had an excellent auto repair shop called T & T Automotive. We went right there and they took care of us in one hour, even though we just dropped in.  We give them a stamp of approval for their fast and excellent service.

T and T Auto in Amherst

T  and T Automotive in Amherst approved

We will be back in Amherst perhaps next year to learn more about this town. This community saved our trip and maybe our vehicle from damage.

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