Civil War Reenactment – Milton


Milton House

We attended Milton’s Civil War Reenactment and Encampment on this spring day.  We enjoyed our first visit to Milton last year and thought we would enjoy going to this festival.  It used to be in Evansville but now moved to Milton. Some tents were set up behind the Milton House where the soldiers were mustering for battle at Milton College up the street.

Civil War soldier muster in Milton

After lining up in formation, we slowly marched to the college.

Civil War soldiers march

We arrived at the college, stopping many passersby in their track who may not have known about this event 🙂  Let’s watch some of their drills.

After we enjoyed watching them practice, they posed for a picture by the Beloit College sign.

Civil War Soldiers Sepia in Milton

We marched back to the encampment at Goodrich Park where activity was picking up. Someone was even cooking over an open fire. People in period clothing read stories to the kids about life in the 1860’s, children played in period clothing also.

Encampment in Milton

Civil War Crafts and Entertainment

It was fun looking back in time, knowing the Milton House was a part of this scene then, recreated now.  We saw a lady crossing the track in period costume. You could almost imagine it was a steam train instead of a modern diesel.

Lady Crossing Railroad Track in Milton

2 thoughts on “Civil War Reenactment – Milton

  1. This must have been an interesting day! I’ve oftentimes wondered how women in earlier times got anything done with all the long clothes they wore back then. We think of open fire cooking as fun but it likely wasn’t back then, having to keep the fire going, always having to gather firewood, etc.

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