Universal Studios – California – 1992


Universal Studios sign

This is a trip down memory lane.  I got to go here 5 1/2 years before I met Al, when I was 25.  I took many great vacations during my single years and this was my favorite trip. I arrived at 9 when they opened and took the escalator down to the main grounds.

Escalator at Universal Studios

 I heard music and saw it was coming from the Blues Brothers Revue show nearby.

It was a great show and even got someone to take my picture with them.

Universal Studios Blues Brothers Revue

 Universal Studios selfie with Blues Brothers

Other sights..

Universal Studios Collage

Mel's Diner Universal Studios

Moulin Rouge at Universal Studios

I was a real big Star Trek fan during this time and knew at Universal Studios was their Star Trek Adventure. This was a chance for fans to “act” in a Star Trek skit that was filmed in front of a live audience. The videotape was finished just before my bus left so I was able to pick it up and not wait for it in the mail. It was $35. I am the one on the far left.

Star Trek Adventure in Universal Studios

Me at Universal Studios - Star Trek Adventure-far left

This is what it looked like to the studio audience.

And the completed show!

What a great day, I am so glad I got to go! Universal Studios is a lot of fun if you want to see a working movie set, maybe get to act in a production yourself!

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