Genesee Depot in the Town of Genesee

3-9-13 and 5-30-15

Genesee Depot is located in the town of Genesee in Waukesha County, Wisconsin. We are finally back after 2 1/2 years since got a great chance to tour Ten Chimneys in this community.

Ten Chimneys Sign

Stillman Smith was the first settler in the area in 1837. It was named after the train station,  Genesee Depot opened Johnston Quarry in 1842 which provided some stone that went into Madison’s State Capitol.

We first take a look at South Genesee (Saylesville) when the old Saylesville Mill still stands.

Saylesville Mill in South Genesee

Nearby across the road are a few other historic buildings and a WWI memorial on the same side as the mill.

Historic Buildings in SaylesvilleSaylesville WWI Memorial

We go to downtown Genesee Depot to see the several historical buildings there and still in use.  This is the original Town Hall, in front is a sign telling Genesee Depot’s history.

Genesee Depot SignGenesee Depot Town Hall

This is the former train depot. It was a restaurant called the Depot Café, unfortunately it closed on May 24, 2015. It was open 3 years.

Depot at Genesee Depot

 Just down a road a little is The Union House, first opened as a hotel in 1861. Now it is a fine dining restaurant.

The Union House in Genesee Depot

Many other great businesses downtown. We enjoyed a delicious lunch at Cornerstone Restaurant, and so did many other visitors to Ten Chimneys. The food and service are top-notch and we will go back when we are in the area again. They even served a mini chocolate bundt cake in their bakery case, recipe by Alfred Lunt of Ten Chimneys, yum! Some of their selections come from Sally’s Sweet Shoppe across the Street. Owner Judy Knoernschild and her friendly staff welcome you for a great dining experience!

Cornerstone Restaurant in Genesee Depot collage

Cornerstone Restaurant food Collage

  Fingers and Toes Salon.

Fingers and Toes Salon in Genesee Depot


Vina Mundi for fine wines. Tastings also available.

Vina Mundi in Genesee Depot


We enjoyed our visits to Genesee Depot, where friendly people were found everywhere we went.

Businesses in Genesee Depot


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