Reedsburg – Where Business, Technology and Tradition Converge


Reedsburg sign

Reedsburg is a city of 10,000 not real far from the Wisconsin Dells or Baraboo.  This community has a long history, settled in the late 1840’s. You can’t miss the tall flagpole when you enter the city, it marks the beginning of the Main Street Historic downtown. Walking tour booklets of all the historic districts  are available here.

Reedsburg Flagpole

The city commemorates early settlers, James and Rebecca Babb on the bank of the Baraboo River that flows through town.  “Babb’s Ford” helped get people and supplies across the river in the early days of the settlement.

Babb's Ford MarkerBabb's Ford Dedication

The former Woolen Mill was also located here, and some of the equipment in the mill are in a glass case near this marker.

Woolen Mill Building in Reedsburg

Woolen Mill Picker display and Plaque

On the other side of the bridge in a timber monument and time capsule dedicated to the early settlers of Reedsburg.

Timber Monument in Reedsburg

Timber Monument Plaque in Reedsburg

The city is also located on the 90th meridian, and is marked by a granite monument near the big flagpole.

Reedsburg 90th Meridian marker

The railroad has been an important part of Reedsburg history for a long time. The Chicago and Northwestern Railway arrived in 1872. The depot still stands and is now the home of the Chamber of Commerce. You can get your trail pass for the 400 State Trail here too.

Reedsburg Depot

There are several murals in Reedsburg, both inside buildings and outside. This one is located inside the historic Post Office, still used for that purpose. It is dedicated to agriculture.

Reedsburg Post Office and Mural

Dedicated to the Woolen Mill.

Woolen Mill Mural in Reedsburg

“Hops or Bust” Mural, dedicated to the growing of hops for the production of alcohol. Reedsburg celebrates its brewing heritage with the annual Fermentation Fest in October. The old brewery still stands, now converted to housing.

Hops Boom or Bust Mural

Reedsburg Brewery Building

The brewery and many more interesting buildings are located in the Park Street Historic District, and we looked at the many interesting building and houses there. Love that purple one!

Park Street Historic District in Reedsburg

Park Street Historic District in Reedsburg collage

The former municipal hospital has been converted to senior housing, beautiful building.

Former Reedsburg Municipal Hospital

After all our exploring we enjoyed a great lunch at the Deli Bean Cafè, their paninis were delicious!

Deli Bean in Reedsburg

Enjoy a great day in historic Reedsburg!

Downtown Reedsburg

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