Trees Grow in Brooklyn


Brooklyn signtree city usa

Many trees in fact, grow in Brooklyn.  The village of 1,413 is a designated Tree City since 2013. Located in both Dane and Green County, it’s a great place to visit close to Madison and Oregon.  It was named Brooklyn by settler Hiram Capwell after he succeeded in luring the railroad to lay track through his property.

We first went to Liberty Pole Hill Park, a former Civil War recruitment site.

Liberty Pole Hill Park sign

Liberty Pole Hill in Brooklyn

A historic bell can be found outside at the fire department.

Fire Alarm Bell in Brooklyn

 Edmund Andrews, a prominent businessman from New York, had the house built in 1976. It is on 100 West Main.

Edmund Andrew House in Brooklyn

Brooklyn used to be the site of the Capitol Chair factory, a stone building near the tracks behind the Edmund Andrews house. The structure still stands.

Chair Factory building in Brooklyn

Brooklyn also has an active community center.


 Downtown is the Brooklyn Jacycee Childrens Park, lots of fun for the kids!

Brooklyn Jaycee Children's Park

Not far from here is the village gazebo near the tracks.

Brooklyn Gazebo

We also discovered the former blacksmith shop nearby.

Blacksmith shop in Brooklyn

We tend to gravitate towards historic churches also. and the Brooklyn Community United Methodist Church has beautiful stained-glass windows. It was built in 1902. One of the ladies working there happened to see me admiring the church from the outside and invited me in to look around and to see the beautiful windows from inside. Thank you!

Brooklyn Community United Methodist Church

Brooklyn Methodist Church Windows

Shop at Market Place Trash & Treasures store for previously-owned items.

Market Place Trash and Treasure in Brooklyn

Relax at the Anchor Club, open since 1949!

Anchor Club in Brooklyn

For a relaxing day in the country and lots of trees, come to Brooklyn!Downtown Brooklyn

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