The New Edgewater Hotel – Fun Times the Whole Year ‘Round!

January 2015 to January 2016

The Edgewater is a Madison favorite since it opened in 1948, and has become one of our favorite places too.

Our last visit at the Edgewater before the remodel was 9-17-12 for a meal. By November, it closed for two years to be mostly rebuilt from the ground up (except the Langdon building on the left). One last look of the old Edgewater before reconstruction, this picture is from 2010. We spent two nights there in December 2011 and really enjoyed ourselves.

The Edgewater 2010 in Madison

 Now we are in 2015, our first visit back, a similar perspective.  The central building was demolished and on new land on the right, the new Wisconsin building was constructed. It’s like a whole new place now.   It re-opened in October 2014.

The Edgewater 2015

In this middle area below (The Plaza) is now an ice skating rink and a cafè called The Icehouse for hungry skaters.

Edgewater Rink in Madison   Ice Rink house at EdgewaterThe Icehouse Cafe at the Edgewater

For those people without a boat, winter is a good time to see the other side of the Edgewater facing the water. I went and did just that in February.  We had the pleasure of enjoying lunch there with our priest on January 19 during Madison’s Restaurant Week. The main dining room is now called The Statehouse, formerly The Admiralty.  The lower tall windows in the Wisconsin Building on the left are the dining room windows with a great view of Lake Mendota.

Edgewater Water View in Madison   Statehouse Dining Room windows in Madison The Statehouse Collage in Madison

Lunch was delicious! Here was the menu, we each had a different entreè.

Statehouse Restaurant Menu at Edgewater Edgewater Lunch in Madison

We went back on Feb 25 for our tour. It needs to be arranged in advance by calling 800-922-5512 and not on weekends.  It lasted one hour, our guide Julie was wonderful!

One feature they carried over from the old Edgewater is the “Wall of Fame”, highlighting celebrities who have stayed there. It used to be a couple of walls in the lounge just outside of the Admiralty. Now, it is a long curving hallway leading to the Statehouse Restaurant.  There are even some video screens in the hall.

Wall of Fame 2011

Edgewater Wall of fame 2011

 Hall of Fame 2015

The Wall of Fame at Edgewater

Up ahead on our left is the spiral staircase leading down to the concierge where we met our guide.

Edgewater spiral staircase

Our first stop was in the Wisconsin building where we were. We visited the Sky Bar, offering a great view of the lake.  Also the rink and Langdon building below.

Sky Bar at Edgewater Sky Bar view at Edgewater

 We next saw the aforementioned Statehouse restaurant, highly recommended!  The new state-of-the-art open kitchen allows guests to see their meal being prepared, as well as being able to interact with the kitchen staff. They even have an open-flame oven. Since I am a professional cook, I really like their new kitchen.

Hearth Oven at Edgewater

Ajacent to the Stateroom is the Lounge with a full bar. It also has a semi-private room with pictures of the celebrities that have visited.

Edgewater Lounge Edgewater Lounge room

If you are in a hurry and can’t take in a full breakfast at the Statehouse, the Edgewater Café offers popular coffee drinks and sweet pastries.

Edgewater Cafe

We head  upstairs in the Langdon Building  to The Red Crown Club room, based on the Red Crown Lodge in Minocqua, WI.

Red Crown Club at Edgewater

The Edgewater also has a Fitness Center with machines to work every muscle and even a yoga room.

Fitness Room at Edgewater

When you are done exercising, there is a sauna and pool. Check schedule for exercise classes here. The public is welcome to join in the fun, you don’t have to be a guest.

Edgewater Pool

Upstairs a floor from here is a salon and spa, a great place to be pampered! Also a couples massage room and a private one as well.

Edgewater Spa

Now for the large spaces within the hotel. The Mendota Ballroom was occupied at the time of our visit, so Julie took us to the Grand Ballroom. It can be divided into three sections if a party only needs part of the room.  The back section has the veranda with outdoor seating.

Grand Ballroom at Edgewater Grand Ballroom at Edgewater

We finished our tour with a greater appreciation of this Madison institution and plan on coming back soon.  In the summer, The Boathouse Restaurant will open and we can enjoy a meal.

Boathouse sign at Edgewater

July 24, 2015

The Boathouse sign lit summer

We are back, now its summer and also our 16th Wedding Anniversary.  Our sister-in-law and my high school friend joined us as well for our first meal at the Boathouse.  Remember the ice rink in the winter? Now there was a big tent where a wedding rehearsal was taking place, wedding probably on Saturday.

Edgewater special event tent

Let’s go eat!  It’s open from 11 AM to 11 PM.  The menu is on a plank of wood, nice touch!


Boathouse menu collage

The windows here offer a great view of the pier and lake as much as the Stateroom does. There is also a patio outside to dine Al fresco.

Boathouse Al fresco dining

Edgewater Boathouse dining room collage

There is also plenty of room for customers to pull up and tie up their boat at the large dock.

The high view from the Plaza, the Boathouse on the bottom left.

Edgewater Dock Panorama

Boat ships at Edgewater

Our food arrived, tasted as good as it looked!

Boathouse Food collage

After dinner we headed downstairs to the pier to see the action there. Look, the Edgewater’s own boat The Cherokee is coming back to port! It doesn’t seem to be here anymore in 2016.

Cherokee arriving at Edgewater

This historic 1924 Chris Craft has three different tours available to the public from now until the end of September. Here is more information on the Heritage Lake Tour.  Also the other tours offered. You can take the Cherokee as a water taxi for only $5 to the Union as well.

Cherokee and Boat House

Upper Deck of Cherokee

Dusk was coming, so we headed back up the steps to the Plaza level to take in the mellow evening mood.


You can see the Memorial Union from here (with binoculars or camera with a good zoom).   There was music and tables full of happy people enjoying the breezy warm evening.

Evening at the Edgewater

Memorial Union Terrace view from Edgewater

A wonderful evening with people we care about at our favorite Madison Hotel, The Edgewater!

Greetings from the Boat House Al and Laurie Frame

October 31, 2015

Photo by The Edgewater

Photo by The Edgewater

Summer has turned into fall, and we are back for their Halloween Badger Tailgate party.  It was held in the big tent also, which was good since it was raining at the time.  The Ryan McGrath Band played a lot of great music too.  Here is a good example of their performance.

Ryan McGrath Band at Edgewater

There was great food too, We enjoyed Duck Jambalaya and Pork Spare Ribs. We picked up our food in The Icehouse near the tent. Al is sure enjoying the ribs! There was a beanbag game going on too.

Tailgate Party at Edgewater

We also went down to the dock to look at the lake. The big pier we saw is the summer was put away for the winter and it was quiet.

The Edgewater in Fall

November 27

We have come nearly full circle, now it is the Holiday season and we came to enjoy their 2nd Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony. We enjoyed some music beforehand and watched Santa light the trees with a large crowd filling the plaza. Afterwards we had another great meal at the Boathouse.

Edgewater Tree Lighting Day Schedule

Edgewater Christmas Trees

Edgewater in November


We are now back to January again with Madison’s only ball drop at midnight on New Year’s Eve.  Al was there to cover the event for me.  Watch the Edgewater official video below. As you can see, there is a lot of fun to be had at the Edgewater the whole year around!

Ball Drop at Edgewater WM IMG_0613


The Edgewater has become a tradition for us to celebrate the seasons throughout the year and we love all the upgrades they have made. We encourage you to come too to create great memories for you and your family!

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