Delafield – One Day is Not Enough

3-1-12 & 9-23-14

Delafield sign

Delafield is a scenic community of 7,000 in Waukesha county 53 miles east of Madison on the shores of Nagawicka lake.

Lake Nagawicka in Delafield

We had not been here for two years and it was time to see more of the city during a beautiful time of year.  The first stop was the Chamber of Commerce to get information about the city.

Delafield Chamber of Commerce



The chamber is within sight of the Fish Hatchery building with an interesting history.

Delafield Fish HatcheryDelafield Fish Hatchery marker

 The hatchery is also next to the beautiful Veterans Memorial Riverwalk honoring all veterans. It is a 3/4 mile path partially along St. John’s Pond.

Veterans Memorial Riverwalk  headstone

St. John's Pond in Delafield


There are many historic sites and buildings in Delafield, one close to here is Hawk’s Inn at 426 Well’s St., built in 1846.  It was moved there in 1960 when it was going to be burned as a fire department exercise.  It was once a busy stagecoach stop, now a museum open May-October. Also on site is a historic marker.

Hawk's Inn in DelafieldHawk's Inn marker

Just behind the Hawk’s Inn on the hill is the historic Delafield Hotel.

Delafield Motel


C A Designs downtown is in what used to be the Dance Hall for Hawk’s Inn.  All information about Hawk’s Inn and this building provided by the Hawk’s Inn Historical Society.

C A Designs in Delafield


Aeva Wedding and Party is in a 1868 Presbyterian church building.

Auva Wedding and Party in Delafield

 Part of the charm of Delafield is the building design in the historic downtown. The design is Colonial Williamsburg, a place we hope to get to someday.  And we have enjoyed the diversity of businesses both downtown and in other areas of the city. This is Clock Tower Square.

Downtown Delafield

 The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is a delightful place for sweet treats.

Daybreak Mobile in Delafield

The gas station downtown even has style! This is Daybreak Mobile across from Clock Tower Square. The pumps are BEHIND the station therefore preserving the street view. At the edge of town is The Montage.

The Montage in Delafield

We head up the street to St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy to see their historic buildings. The first one is the Church of St. John Chrysotom, known as “The Little Red Church on the Hill”, dating back to 1851.  The style of this church is “Carpenter Gothic”. The builders re-created the style of the stone churches in England using oak trees from the shore of Okauchee Lake.  Bell tower is a separate structure. The church still holds weekly services.

Little Red Church

Bell tower at Red Church in Delafield

East Gate Entrance at. St. John's in Delafield

 We go through the East  entrance and ahead of us is the Beacon, a monument dedicated to the founder of St. John’s.  A guide took us on a tour and he told us the light inside always is on. The legend circulated amongst the students, school is cancelled for the day if the light is dark. He said classes still go on if the light is out, LOL!

The Beacon

 We could hear music, it turns out the choir in the chapel were practicing for Veteran’s Day. Let’s listen to them sing “The National Anthem” while viewing  other buildings on the campus.

We thanked our guide for the campus tour and continued on.

We have enjoyed food at three places in Delafield. For great bread, the Great Harvest Bread Co. They even let you try samples before buying.


Great Harvest Bread Company  in Delafield

Great Harvest Bread Company in Delafield

 Also Revere’s Wells St. Tavern in 2012, great food there too!



On our visit this year we enjoyed a great lunch at Delafield Brewhaus. That is just a few of many places in Delafield to dine.

Delafield Brewhaus

 Our last stop on our 2nd visit was to a great lookout at Lapham Peak State Park. What a great view! We could see Lake Nagawicka and even Holy Hill over 20 miles away. We were over 1,200 feet high!

Lapham Peak sign

Lapham Peak marker


Plaque near lookout tower on a large rock. Also the tower itself.

Lapham Peak plaque


The view from the top, all the way to Hubertus!

Lapham Peak tower

Holy Hill From Lapham Peak in Delafield

Delafield has it all! One day is not enough and we plan on coming back again soon!

Delafield lamp post banner

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