Tower Hill State Park Near Spring Green

9-1-14   Tower Hill State Park

Tower Hill State Park sign

We arrive and the first thing we see is this structure and this sign. The land for this park was donated by the Jones family in 1927, and now everyone can enjoy it.  There used to be a shot tower here, used to make lead shot for guns, just like the one in Dubuque, IA.

Jones family sign at Tower HillTower Hill foundation



Just before walking the trail to the shot tower building, we saw a plaque on a rock on the edge of the parking lot.  The town of Helena used to be located on the park site. Also a sign describing the Smelter House.

Shot Tower sign at Tower Hill

Tower Hill State Park St. Helena monument

St. Helena plaque at Tower Hill


We hike up the trail to the top of the hill.

Shot Tower trail at Tower Hill


And here we are!

Smelter House at Tower Hill3

Shot Tower marker at Tower Hill

We went inside the building and there were pictures showing how the smelting process worked. Also this sign.

Smelter House sign at Tower Hill

Inside Smelter House at Tower Hill

This pot for melting lead, and a bar of lead called a “pig” were found on site in 1976 using a metal detector.

Lead melting pot and ingot at Tower Hill


And you can look down the shaft of the shot tower.

Shot tower shaft at Tower Hill

Outside is a great view of Spring Green below, also the Wisconsin River.

Spring Green from Tower Hill


What an exciting chance to learn more about the lead smelting and shot industry in the Driftless Region of Wisconsin. This park is well worth the time to visit!

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