Pinecrest Village Historical Museum of Manitowoc


Pinecrest Welcome Center in Manitowoc


Pinecrest hours Manitowoc

Welcome to Pinecrest Historical Village!  This delightful museum has pulled together many historical buildings from Manitowoc County’s past into one place, arranged like a small village. They take it one step further by having made audio recording matched up with each building in the village. They lend to you a digital recorder with the sound files pre-loaded.

Be sure to see the Collins Bridge Span and historical marker.

Collins Road Bridge Span in Manitowoc

We began our tour at the McAllister House, then went outside to see the other buildings. Outside we find a plaque, commemorating the Vetting Family, who donated this land to the Historical Society in 1970.

Vetting Family plaque at Pinecrest in Manitowoc

Let’s visit the Cheese Factory, a major industry throughout Wisconsin.

Shadyside School

Shadyside School at Pinecrest in Manitowoc


We continue on the path. Many of the buildings are next to each other.

Pinecrest Village buildings in Manitowoc

Rockwood Fire House plaque  at Pinecrest in Manitowoc

Rockwood Fire House at Pinecrest in Manitowoc

Our favorite had to be Collin’s Depot and steam locomotive at the end of the tour. We enjoyed a great picture by the engine.


Greetings from Pinecrest Village.jpg

We only touched on a few of the many buildings on site.  Allow yourself at least three hours to thoroughly explore the museum and see the artifacts inside the buildings. There is even a playground for the kids.  We had a great time here.

Pinecrest Museum Park in Manitowoc


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