Historic Downtown Dubuque

August 4 & 5, 2014

Downtown Dubuque is a study of 19th century architecture with most of the beautiful buildings still in use.  We will explore some of Dubuque’s landmarks that were quite interesting to see.

The Hancock House Bed and Breakfast, a Queen Anne-style home.

Hancock House Bed and Breakfast


The Carnegie-Stout Public Library

Carnegie Stout Public Library in Dubuque

The Courthouse and Old Jail, the first in Dubuque, now a museum.

Dubuque Courthouse

Dubuque Old Jail


The beautiful Town Clock in Town Clock Plaza, restored in 1971.
Dubuque Town ClockTown Clock plaque

The red Grand Opera House,  providing entertainment for the Dubuque area since 1890.

Grand Opera House in Dubuque


Cable Car Square has many places to shop or relax with a cup of coffee. The Fenelon Place Elevator is also located here in this part of downtown.

Cable Car Square selfieFenelon Place Elevator in Dubuque

Redstone Inn and Suites

Redstone Inn and Suites Dubuque


Monks Kaffee Pub

Monks Kaffee Pub



 City Hall

 Dubuque City Hall

Edward Langworthy Octagon House




Langworthy Octagon House

We saw this building just before leaving town, the former H & W  Brewery. It is an impressive building not in use at this time. Hopefully, someone will step in and restore it.

H & W Brewery


We had a great tour of historic Dubuque and know there is more yet to discover in the future.


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