Monticello – The Heart of Green County

10-14-13 and 7-26-14

Monticello MonumentMonticello sign

Monticello is a friendly community of 1,217 in the heart of Green county and has plenty to offer in the way of activities or just plain relaxing. A great place to relax here is by Montesian Lake and park.  It has a covered bridge, large gazebo and a LONG grill for community cook-outs.

Monticello Covered Bridge   Large Monticello GrillMonticello Gazebo

Pay a visit to Millie the Whale in the lake too in season, as the lake freezes over in winter.

Millie the Whale in Monticello Lake Montesian

Another great place to relax is nearby Montesian Gardens, a beautiful flower garden tended by green-thumbed volunteers. It was quite beautiful in mid-summer. Much to our surprise, there were pieces of Sid Boyum art here in the gardens.

Montesian Gardens Sign Monticello Sid Boyum Art MonticelloSid Boyum Art 2 in Monticello

 Let’s take in the sights downtown, they have preserved their historic buildings quite well.  We began our walk from the north end of town. Just before going down Main St, we went left to Coates St. to visit the Swiss Heritage Cheese Co. We got some delicious Brick Cheese.

Downtown Monticello Swiss Heritage Cheese Company

Cheesemaking has been an important part of many towns in Green County, and Monticello has a marker in Montesian Park marking the production of Limburger cheese.

Nickolaus Gerber Marker in Monticello

 The first business we see on N. Main is Voegli Chevrolet Buick, co-owner Jack Stenbroten Jr. will be happy to help you! With an A+ rating with the BBB, you know they have your best interests at heart!

Voegli Chevrolet in Monticello

 The Kooler was originally The Chateau Tavern, built in 1933.

The Kooler in Monticello

The Boar’s Nest is a popular place to relax, especially for the farmers in the area. They are only open Friday and Saturday.

Boar's Nest in Monticello

 Gempeler’s Supermarket is full-service, serving the Monticello area since 1972. They even make their own bratwurst and sausage. Stop in! They even have some tables if you want to have lunch there.

Gempeler's Supermarket in Monticello Gempeler's Supermarket inside

The former Bank of Monticello building.   Next to the former bank is The Dining Room restaurant, a dinner-only place open Wed-Sat evenings.


The Dining Room in MonticelloBank of Monticello building


We come upon the historic Barnaby’s Monticello House, the prettiest building on Main St.

Monticello House


Across the street is the Eagle Pass Saloon and in the Woelffer Drugstore is now Monticello’s Historical Society Museum, which is open on Saturdays during the summer. Let’s go in! We are so glad the museum was open today. It’s here because of the efforts of the Historical Society and benefactor Mrs. Ruth Knight Sybers. She bought the building in 2001 and donated it to the Historical Society.  Reach them here.

P.O. Box 463 204 N. Main St. Monticello, WI 53570 Phone: (608)938-4216 Email:

Eagle Pass Saloon and Woeffler Historical Museum

Woefller Monticello Museum Monticello Museum

A special  postmark was created when the building was opened for viewing on May 12, 2007.

Monticello Museum postmark

One of the contributors to this photo display of farm life, Linda Schiesser, told us of the business she and her mother Elda own, Scherenschnitte (Swiss Folk Art) in nearby New Glarus.  She happened to be in the museum today. They have sold their work at Green County Cheese Days in September selling their art. Reach them here.

Scherenschnitte  – The Schiessers

P.O. Box 232, New Glarus, WI 53574-0232


Linda Schiesser photos on farm

Time for lunch at the popular M & M Cafè at the end of the street, across from Montesian Park. We got there just before a huge crowd of bicyclists arrived, filling the restaurant to capacity!  The reason so much bike traffic, Monticello is at the juncture of TWO bike trails. The Badger State Trail and the Sugar River Trail, which we biked on before from New Glarus.

M & M Cafe in Monticello Monticello M & M Cafe inside

We really enjoyed our visit to Monticello and plan on returning.

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