Wisconsin Dells Fun! – Dells Boat Tours 2002


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Yes, it has been 12 years since we last enjoyed this excursion but the rock formations don’t change too fast 🙂  The Dells Boat Tours  consist of two parts, the Upper Dells and Lower Dells.  You can do both in one day and save money getting a combo ticket.

We began our day with the Upper Dells, this tour lasts two hours and we rode on the upper deck of the boat.

Upper Dells boat

The tour begins! The rock formations are beautiful and very old.

Upper Dells boat view

Upper Dells Rock formation

Upper Dells Rock formation 2

On this tour we make two shore landings. Our first stop is Witches Gulch.

Upper Dells Witches Gulch boat landing

We walk through a narrow passageway between towering rock bluffs.

Upper Dells Witches Gulch

Dells plaque in Witches Gulch

After this we headed over to our next stop, Stand Rock. A trained German Shepherd recreates the famous jump between two rocks as photographed by famous late photographer H.H. Bennett. I took the picture,but it didn’t quite turn out. Maybe next time.

Upper Dells Stand Rock dog jump

After that we headed back to the boat landing, what a great trip! We still had the Lower Dells trip, this was below the dam.

Lower Dells view

Lower Dells Rock Formation

Lower Dellls Rock Formation 2

We sure had a great trip and hope to go back soon. To learn more about this and other Dells attractions, here is where you can learn more.

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