Madison Summer Concerts – Concerts on the Square


“American Fanfare”

Concerts on the Square has been a very popular summer outdoor event since 1983, performances by the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra and often with guest musicians and singers. There are 6 performances from mid-June to the end of July. You can choose your spot by 3 PM and just come back later, performance is at 7 PM.  I recommend coming down by 3, the place was packed by 6:30. I have not been to one of these concerts since probably the late 80’s, so it was time to return!  The WCO is also highly supportive of getting the younger generation interested in music, and they have a special Kids Area of pre-concert music performed by an organization they sponsor.  Tonight it was the Madison Music Foundry, with the band “Take the King”, middle and high school students. My brother also played in a rock band with his friends, but they did it on their own.  Let’s watch them rock our socks off!

"Take the King" music Foundry band

Great job guys! Now let’s see what looks like most of Madison converging on the square with our beautiful capitol in the center of it all.

Concerts on the Square set up


Concerts on the Square crowd

MANY vendors on hand to enjoy a great meal while enjoying the concert.

Concerts on the Square vendors

I hear Music Director Andrew Sewell getting the orchestra in tune, it’s 7 PM, time for some great music until 8:30 PM.

Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra

Music Selections

SMITH | Star Spangled Banner

COPLAND  |  Our Town

GERSHWIN  |  “Summertime” from Porgy & Bess

LOESSER| “Somebody, Somewhere” from The Most Happy Fella

WILLSON| “Ya Got Trouble” from Music Man

LLOYD WEBBER | “All I Ask Of You” from Phantom of the Opera, performed by guests Sarah Lawrence and her husband Calland Metts.

Sarah Lawrence and Calland Metts

Sarah Lawrence and Calland Metts

COPLAND | Fanfare for the Common Man

LOWDEN | Armed Forces Salute

TCHAIKOVSKY | 1812 Overture

Always give me the chills!

What a great concert! The cloudy skies finally parted at the end and we were left with a beautiful rainbow to end the evening on a high note.  It is well worth your time to come to this great event at least once each summer, we are planning on it.





2 thoughts on “Madison Summer Concerts – Concerts on the Square

  1. What a beautiful way to end a beautiful evening with a rainbow, sort of like putting a bow on a Christmas present. So pretty!! Good Job Laurie!!


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