Madison Summer Concerts – Warner Park

Warner Park Summer Concert BannerSummer Concert sign

Supporters Collage


Warner Park in Madison is just one of many outdoor music venues for all to enjoy.  It’s main sponsor is The North/Eastside Senior Coalition (NESCO). Concerts are free but donations are encouraged to keep funding the concerts. Either donate there at the concert through a food purchase or online. They present a large variety of music, spread over 6 concerts during June and July.  We attended #2 of 2014 on this date. Tonight was a group I heard of but never saw perform,

“Ladies Must Swing”

Ladies Must Swing

And swing they did! Here is a sample of the show.  Plenty of people danced, I would have if I knew how 🙂

Enjoy this collage of fun moments of the show.  Everyone really seemed to have a good time! This couple dancing appear to be a fixture here, great dancers!

Warner Summer Concert Collage

     We had a great time at the show, every week the program is different so click on NESCO to see the current schedule.

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