Picking Strawberries in DeForest


Wisconsinites are a hearty folk close to the earth, and many of us don’t live far from the beautiful countryside and numerous farms.  We live only 10 miles from UPICKBERRYFARM, well worth the trip.  It was the end of the strawberry season so it was now or never, this was the first time we picked strawberries together.  I think this was my first time since the early 1990’s, with my grandfather.

We could see the see the strawberry field and the side of the truck advertising the website from I-94 year-round. It is the same on both sides, this was taken from the field.

UpickStrawberryfarm sign

We called them first (608-417-9485) to make sure they had berries. They did, though not large ones. That was ok, we went and found a lot of other people there too. The route there was well marked, with this pretty sign just before you got there, turn righ here and go to the end of Hahn Rd. The countryside is beautiful in full summer.

Strawberry Farm sign DeForest

Strawberry Farm and field DeForestWe met the farmer at the truck, where he assigned us a row to do our picking. Also present were roosters, a duck, and goats. they were hilarious! Kids liked feeding them. The chickens were so tame I could pet them, so soft!   Be sure to bring cash, cards are not accepted here.  The strawberries were $1.95 per pound when you pick them, $2.95 if they pick them.

Strawberry farm truck


Rooster and duck


Petting Zoo


We got right to work picking, it was already almost 10:30 AM and getting hot!

Strawberry field

In about 1 1/2 hours we managed to pick 16 pounds of berries!

Us and Strawberries

We had a great time here and plan on returning here often for fresh produce.  From their website you can sign up for produce updates sent to your email. We did, and hope to get more through the fall.

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3 thoughts on “Picking Strawberries in DeForest

    • I don’t think of the work Mom. It was a great experience.. My grandfather and I enjoyed picking them. In his garden at home, he had raspberry bushes.we we kids enjoyed picking and eating them.


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