Hillsboro 32nd and 33rd Annual Cesky Den Festival


Hillsboro signCzech Capitol crest

Firemans Park Entry

The Cesky Den Festival is the top reason we came here for a visit. My partner adventurer and husband Al is almost 1/2 Czech and this ethnic group is one of the smaller ones in Wisconsin. His ancestors settled in the Manitowoc area, this group settled here in the Cheyenne Valley, both groups in the 1800’s.  We went on Sunday, so admission was $10 each, it would have been $15 on Saturday. You get a neat collector button to wear too while at the festival.

Cesky Den Button

The festival is held at the Fireman’s Memorial Park, many events taking place in their large pavillion, no weather to worry about.  Here is an aerial picture that was found on their Facebook page, we were in the long building with the green roof.

Fireman's Park Aerial

Here is the view as we go in.

Hillsboro Firemans Park Pavillion

We arrived just as the events were beginning. A Ecumenical church service began, honoring veterans, singing by the Yuba-Hillsboro Czech Singers.

Service at Cesky Den Festival

Here is the backdrop on the stage alone, looks great!

Festival backdrop

There were many people selling items as well, I got a CD of Czech songs performed by the group above. They even had a couple of cutouts for a funny photo op, we had fun with this one!

Al and Laurie Czech picture

It was great fun watching the Domaci Youth Folk Dancers perform traditional Czech dances. They also had a maypole dance outside. It was windy!

Maypole Dance in Hillsboro

Now for a dance inside.

We enjoyed a great lunch of a pork sandwich and traditional Kolache, a dessert pastry. We had the poppyseed, yum!


A lady in traditional dress let me take her picture, very beautiful! She made it herself!

Czech Lady with dolls

Soon it was time for some polka and waltzes performed by Malek’s Fisherman Band from Duncan, Iowa. They are a busy group!

Malek Fisherman band

We had a great time at this festival, we both learned a lot about Al’s heritage as well!



Cesky Den schedule

We were back for the 2nd year to enjoy their festival downtown this time.  The official kickoff was at the Fireman’s Community Center.

After the ceremony we enjoyed lunch at Barbie’s Kitchen, LLC. They served a traditional Czech pork dinner that was out of this world!

Barbie's Kitchen

We also enjoyed 6 dances performed by the Domaci Youth Folk Dancers. Good job!

We were so glad we could return this year too!

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