Aztalan State Park

10-6-12 and 5-16-14

Aztalan State Park is just down the road from the Museum, and is the site of the historic Indian settlement 900-1200 years ago.

Aztalan Markers

Aztalan Historic Landmark

Aztalan Mound Park plaque

From the parking lot entrance you could see the long stockade, a recreation of the original one protecting the village. Trails lead you from each site within the park.

Aztalan stockade

We drove down to the further lot near a 2nd stockade and the Crawfish river, a major waterway in the area. It looks especially pretty in fall.

Aztalan 2nd stockade


Crawfish River in autumn


Near the lot was a machine powered by a crank with two recordings about Aztalan’s history. Lets listen!

People of Aztalan


Just up from the Turn-and-Learn machine is the large prominent mound dominating the landscape. Religious ceremonies took place here. The stockade obscured the ceremonies from view.

Aztalan Large Mound

Aztalan Earthen Mound


From the top of the mound you could see all over the park, this view is towards the Crawfish River.


Aztalan Earthen Mound view

We had a good time here on both of our visits in spring and fall.  A peaceful place with a rich history. Combine visiting this park and the nearby museum in the same trip, both complement each other.

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