Lake Mills in Spring


Lake Mills sign

We had a great visit to Lake Mills in February and decided to come back in May when it was warmer. We also came on a Friday, which is important also. From May to early October, the American Legion in Lake Mills sells their locally famous hamburger they call “sliders” (not to be confused with White Castle’s mini-burgers).  These are made with locally- sourced beef, from Glenn’s  Market in nearby Watertown.  Their stand is located downtown, and it sure got busy at times.

American Legion Burger Stand

We also further explored Lake Mills, it sure is pretty there in the spring!

Commons Park in Lake Mills

The beautiful L.D. Fargo Library. 120 East Madison St.

L.D. Fargo Library

Also the nearby Fargo Mansion Inn Bed and Breakfast, just as beautiful.  406 Mulberry – 1881

Fargo Mansion Inn

Other historic buildings. At the Chamber of Commerce or Library, you can purchase the booklet, Historic Homes of Lake Mills – Five Walking Tours for $5.00. We got one. Here is a sample from Walking Tour #4.

422 Mulberry – 1877

Historic house in Lake Mills

409 Mulberry Street  – 1853

409 Mulberry St.- 1853


Here is a map from the booklet, sponsored by the Lake Mills Aztalan Historical Society. We thank them for their contribution, as well as all others involved in the production of this book. It also includes the historical context of each home and building. We plan on seeing more on our next visit.

Lake Mills Walking Tour Map

Not every historic home is listed on the tour list.  This pretty stucco on 144 West Oak Street caught our eye, and it’s for sale! Wish we can get it! It’s a colonial revival built in 1900. Quite a nice place.

144 West Oak Street - Lake Mills


We had a great visit in Lake Mills. We now were going to Aztalan, they are now open for the summer season!

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