UW Family Gardening Day at Allen Centennial Gardens

Al only, I was not there.  He took all the pictures except 3. Those are from my archives.


Allan Centennial Gardens building

2003 – Laurie Kutil

Today Al had a chance to go to their UW Family Gardening Day to learn more about gardening.  We have a small garden and are trying to keep learning more about how to have a fruitful one.  It was a beautiful day in the spring! A long time ago, the late Shelly Ryan spent some time at Allen Centennial while she earned her Master Gardener certificate.

Allen Centennial Gardens pond

2003 – Laurie Kutil

It was a great event for kids and adults alike.

Tray of plants

Kids potting a plant

Under the trellis

 Another part of the event took place at the D.C. Smith Greenhouse.

DC Smith Greenhouse

2008 – Laurie Kutil

SC Smith Greenhouse inside

Al also went to Steenbock Library where parts of the event took place.

Al and Master Gardener


Al had a great day, I hope to get to the gardens soon to see for myself.

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