Libertyville- The Spirit of Independence

4-21-14 Illinois Trip – Day 1

Libertyville sign

Libertyville is a thriving community of 20,315 in Lake County, Illinois.  As this was a trip down memory lane, our main reason for visiting here was Lambs Farm.  Lambs Farm is a community of 250 developmentally disabled adults with a variety of wonderful shops and a restaurant for the general public.   My first trip here was at age 6 in 1972, so it was time to come back! Here is the town’s history.

Libertyville History Marker

Lambs Farm main barn


Libertyville also has a beautiful historic downtown with many nice shops and buildings. Here is a complete list of services offered.

Downtown Libertyville, IL

Libertyville building

Libertyville American Legion

The centerpiece of downtown is the Ansel B. Cook House, home of the first permanent settler in Libertyville in 1878.

Ansel B. Cook House

 This poem was near the door.

Cook home poem

 The David Adler Cultural Art Center is the pride of Libertyville, housed in the architect’s historic home near Adler Park.

David Adler Cultural Art Center sign David Adler Cultural Center

Just a little south of Libertyville is the Adlai Stevenson home, now a museum.



Adlai Stevenson home

After our day at Lambs Farm, we were hungry and wanted some Chicago flavor. We went to Slott’s Hots, a Libertyville favorite for the last 35 years!

Slott's Hots Collage


We had a great time in Libertyville and hope to return again soon!

Libertyville Downtown

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