West Bend Court House Museum


Court House Monument

West Bend Historic Courthouse

Court House Square

We had just enough time to take a self-guided tour of the historic West Bend Court House Museum.   For adults admission is $5.00 each.  You can tour both the Court House and the former Jail for $7.00 each. It is just beautiful inside as it is outside.  This is the view from the staircase in the lobby.

Courthouse  lobby

 There are MANY exhibits, and more are in the works! Here is an old technology exhibit.

Old Technology exhibit

 Dental office display.

Early Dental Office

West Bend Bank Teller Booth.

West Bend Bank booth

West Bend Bank History

Even a trapper and Native American display.  There is a Wigwam too!

Animal Pelts


Military Room on the main floor.

Military Room

Military Room display

The former courtroom is open for viewing too, and it can be reserved for events.


The three windows above the judge’s desk are actually stained glass.


There is also a beautiful doll house exhibit.

Zinn Doll House history

Zinn Doll House

That about concludes our tour, don’t forget to stop in the gift shop for a souvenir on the main floor.

Court House Gift Shop

There is Veteran’s memorial on the grounds outside also.

West Bend Vet's Memorial

Freedom Memorial

We had a great visit here, well worth the time for both tours. Next time we will see the jail next door.  West Bend is a city rich in history, a great place to visit!Court House long shot

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