Mount Horeb- The Troll Capitol of the World!


Mount Horeb is a friendly community founded in 1867.  It is southwest of Madison and its strong Norwegian roots are seen in the buildings throughout the city.  What really put this friendly community on the map are the adorable carved-wood trolls. The trolls became a fixture in Mt. Horeb in the mid-80’s  when a bypass was built to go around the city. The residents were worried less people would stop to visit, so the Trollway was created as an attraction to draw people off the bypass. It worked and the community sees plenty of visitors throughout the year coming to enjoy the many festivals and attractions offered. This downloadable map will help you find the trolls.  This friendly sign greets you as you enter town, having recently celebrated it’s 150th anniversary in 2011.

Mt. Horeb Roundabout sign

Stop by the visitor center first if open, they have publications from the area to with local information to help you enjoy your visit!

Mt. Horeb Welcome Center

Here are some of the many trolls, also Brutus the Dragon guarding the Visitor Center.

Troll Collage

Let’s go on a Troll Stroll.

Mount Horeb also has a beautiful historic downtown with many businesses for great shopping and eating. Learn more about it here.

Downtown Mt. Horeb

We have enjoyed lunch at Schubert’s Diner and Bakery. They even have lefse if the craving hits.


For a local brew in a friendly atmosphere, The Grumpy Troll is anything but!

The Grumpy Troll

Mt. Horeb is a community that likes the outdoors, and one of their popular attractions is the Military Ridge Trail that goes right through town, leading you to Ridgeway if you don’t stop. We had biked on this trail many times. Stop by the Visitor’s Center or self-register for a trail pass here.

10-8 025

If you plan on staying a bit longer than a day, The Village Inn Motel is a nice place to stay. More choices here.

Village Inn Motel

Well, our visit is done. Wayne waves goodbye and hopes you come back soon!

Waving Wayne

5 thoughts on “Mount Horeb- The Troll Capitol of the World!

  1. I used to drive old 18 before the bypass, and enjoyed all the trolss you could see right along the highway, at various homes and businesses.


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