Hike Steinke Basin at Devil’s Lake State Park

Devil’s Lake State Park has a great many hiking trails, not just ones within view of the lake.  One of our favorites is the Steinke Basin Loop (green outline).  This trail is a mix of grassland and woods.

Steinke Basin Trails

We visited there in early spring and fall and hiked the loop, beautiful in both seasons.  It was an ancient glacial lake thousands of years ago.  We began our hike off of Hwy DL, the view from the trail head showed us surrounded by hills  with pretty fall trees all the way to the top!

Steinke Basin trailhead view

Some friends joined us on the fall hike, they had never hiked here before and they were in awe of the beauty here. We heard a bird in the tree and were trying to find it.

Steinke Basin hike

Alongside the trail were many boulders, made of very hard material that wears down VERY slowly.

Ancient boulder

We approach my favorite part of the trail, what I call “The Enchanted Forest”.

Steinke Basin Woods

And further in…I love the light here 🙂

Enchanted Forest

We met some other hikers on the trail and they took our picture for us, thanks!

Friends at Steinke Basin

As we made our way back to the car, we enjoyed discussing all the interesting things we saw on the hike.

Steinke Basin Parking on DL

We had a great time, come and explore year ’round!

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