Middleton – The Good Neighbor City

Welcome to Middleton! This community of 18,000 is just west of Madison and has a lot to offer.  My husband and I spent several months exploring, it’s that big.  Let’s explore the city’s more humble beginnings.This sign is at Mendota County Park,  on the site was a fur-trading post in 1832. Harry Barnes, the town of Middleton’s first Postmaster, named it after a community in Vermont. The year was 1848 when it separated from the Town of Madison.

Mendota County park Mendota sign

Many historic buildings still stand and are still in use today.   Here you can learn about the many Landmarks in the city. The Stamm House has the proud distinction of being a way station  on the Underground Railroad.

Stamm House in Middleton Wisconsin

The Old Blacksmith Shop on 2645 Branch St.

Old Blacksmith Shop

Also on Branch St. is the Club Tavern or Ye Old Tavern,  a popular place still today.

The Club Tavern in Middleton WI

Downtown has a large number of historic buildings, housing great local businesses.   One of our favorites is The National Mustard Museum,  site of the Mustard Festival every first Saturday in August.

National Mustard Museum

Mustard Tasting

National Mustard Museum display

The former Opera House.

Opera House

Louisianne’s, Etc.  for great New Orleans’ style cuisine and sometimes live music, especially around Mardi Gras.  The Hubbard Ave Diner and Bakery also has great food.

Louisianne's Etc. in Middleton

Hubbard Avenue Diner and Bakery in Middleton

Railroad history remains in the downtown area. Here is the steam train water tower. Also the former Depot, now a visitor center and museum.

Train Water tower  Middleton Depot

The other historic Museum is in the Rowley Residence,  still owned by the family.

Rowley Residence Museum in Middleton WI

For great shopping and more dining, Greenway Station is nearby.

Greenway Station

One of the most interesting spots in Middleton is the historic Boathouse Association. It is a row of pretty little houses on the shore of Lake Mendota.

Middleton Boathouse Company plaque

Middleton Boathouse Company houses

It was impossible to get all of the boathouses in one shot, except in a boat  or on the ice in winter. Here are all the houses, taken in the winter of 2015.

Middleton Boat Houses frame

For a great getaway close to Madison, Middleton cuts the mustard!

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