Living the High Life at the Edgewater Hotel


Read my post on the New Edgewater after the re-model!

12-3 and 4-2011

We were privileged to spend two nights here in 2011, thanks to my husband winning a prize.  We had a taste of how the upper crust lived for 2 1/2 days and we really enjoyed it!  We didn’t know such a wonderful place to escape from day-to-day life was so close to home.

The Edgewater is more than a beautiful hotel. The history is quite fascinating too.  It opened in 1948, owned by the Quisling family and constructed by Findorff, still constructing buildings in Madison today.  The Quisling family founded the Quisling Clinic in the 1930’s.  They thought Madison needed a luxury hotel to attract celebrities and give well-heeled visitors a great place to stay.  Over time,  the Edgewater became an integral part of experiencing “Madison atmosphere”.

We arrived Friday evening,  the sign on the main building glowed, outlining the letters with a yellow hue.

Edgewater Hotel evening

We actually arrived too late for a meal that night, but enjoyed a great breakfast on Saturday morning in The Admiralty Room.

Edgewater Admiralty Dining Room

We were by the big windows, but the day was misty and foggy.  We enjoyed a delicious breakfast,  I had pancakes and Al had an egg sandwich.  He also had cranberry juice, chilled in its own ice.

Cranberry Juicepancakes

We left after breakfast to enjoy the Tenney Park shelter dedication celebration,  it was just rebuilt and we watched its construction  all year-long.

We returned by 4:30, in time for our dinner reservation at 5:00.   The lights were down low for evening,  candles lit on the tables.  We then enjoyed a delicious 2-hour dinner by Lake Mendota, the Memorial Union lights visible further down the lakeshore as seen here.

Edgewater Dining Room at night

The first course was bread and their famous Bookbinder Red Snapper Soup, served nightly for 40 years at the Edgewater.   Delicious!

bread Bookbinder Red Snapper Soup

The entrée course could not be topped.  Al had Lamb Shank with Crabcakes and Guacamole. I tried a bite, so good!  I had Beef Wellingon with Asparagus and Carrots.  Also very delicious!

Lamb Shank and Crab CakesBeef Wellington

For dessert we had Chocolate Layered Cheesecake made by the pastry chef that very morning. It may look thin but was SO rich with chocolate.

Chocolate cheesecake

After dinner, we adjourned to the Cove Lounge to listen to some great piano music by David Bicknase.  He is a local pianist/composer who has contributed great ambiance on Saturday evenings and holidays  at The Edgewater for 10 years.

David Bicknase frame

We enjoyed another night there and concluded our stay after another breakfast Sunday morning.   The staff made us feel very welcome and contributed to the Edgewater experience.  Here are Ruth and Tyler in The Admiralty.  We eagerly await the grand-reopening in 2014.

Edgewater Staff Ruth and TylerThe Admiralty menu

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