2013 Madison’s Holiday Fantasy in Lights – 25th Anniversary


Wisconsin is big on showing Christmas spirit with lots of holiday light displays.  Madison is well-known for their Holiday Fantasy in Lights display, put on by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and The National Electrical Contractors Association in Olin Park.  This is their 25th year!

Holiday Fantasy in Lights sign

01 Lights Truck at Fantasy in Lights

Turn on your radio to 1610 for the  soundtrack you can listen to while you are driving through the looking at the displays. Enjoy this slideshow of the displays.

Some of our favorites.

This rocking horse is one of the original displays, now 25 years old.

36 - 25 Year-Old Rocking Horse

43 - Train at Fantasy in Lights

The Memory Tree

50 - Memory Tree sign

51 - Memory Tree

From the top of the hill where the tree is, you have a great view below of the park.

55 - Lights Overlook 1

30 - American Flag

The memory tree looks brighter here because I took this picture in 2003, before LED lights were used.

Holiday Fantasy in Lights Packer and Badger Helmets

 They even give you a candy cane as you exit, thanking you for coming to see the displays. Donations gratefully accepted!

21 - Candy Cane sign at Fantasy in Lights

03 Donation Booth

04 Thank You

Happy Holidays and see you next year!


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